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You Can’t Go Wrong Buying Prime

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You can’t go wrong buying PRIME!  Investing in real estate is about choosing choice properties that will appreciate over time because of their desirability.  Prime waterfront properties provide a unique investment medium with strong upside appreciation potential.

In a second home, vacation market like Lake LBJ is, buyers are making luxury purchases not what I call “have to buys”.  These buyers can and will pay more if the property is right.   When you buy Prime, or “choice” waterfront the desirability and scarcity of these properties allow the upside to be limitless and dependent on the unit of the person or entity acquiring.  What I mean that a great property, that checks all the boxes, faces the right direction and has clean, open waterfront has the ability to sell for almost any price in the right market.  Most importantly, its very rare that the best properties on Lake LBJ ever actually go for sale. Families hold on to these strong assets and pass them down from one generation to the next contributing to the overall scarcity and rareness of the opportunity to actually acquire and own one.

If you are looking to invest in Lake LBJ real estate I strongly urge you to hire a broker that has real expertise in the local market and will guide you through “buying right on Lake LBJ”.  Reach out if you would like to discuss further and remember that you can’t go wrong buying prime real estate on Lake LBJ.


Sold in Sunrise Beach

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Today is our favorite day…..also known as closing day! Many sellers have an idea in their head that we only sell Lake LBJ real estate in the winter.  I am here to tell you that this is simply not the case.  A great broker sells homes all year around, in any economic and political environment.  That being said it is important to understand that pricing is CRITICAL!  When I originally took this listing I recommended a list price of $699,000 but the seller wanted to try $750,000 so we did.  We had a lot of action and some great showings but no offers.  After a few months we reduced the price to $690k, below my original recommendation (this happens when sellers dont listen) and the home quickly sold.

As a realtor my goal is to help my clients accomplish their real estate goals.  I am not a miracle worker or a magician just a damn good broker that knows my market like the back of my hand.  My vast market knowledge stems from my experience in selling lots of homes in the area and my commitment to studying current and sold inventory.  I work with many buyers and sellers in the Lake LBJ real estate market and understand how important pricing is to a top dollar sell. I do not create or set the market but rather I help my clients position their home amongst available inventory so it stands out.

If you have ever considered buying or selling Lake LBJ real estate I strongly urge you to give me a call.  I always shoot my customers straight and try to give them good, quality information that helps them make life decisions.  I would love the opportunity to discuss your real estate goals and or needs so give me a call at (512) 786-1515 today!



Flood Facts

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Did you know that river flows and storm runoff originating upstream of Lake Buchanan can take two days or more to reach Mansfield Dam? When the Lower Colorado River Authority releases waters from Buchanan Dam the water may take up to 9 hours to make the roughly 100-mile trip to Mansfield Dam. When water is released at Mansfield Dam, because the terrain is less steep along the 318 mile journey to the Gulf of Mexico, the water can take about six days to reach Bay City just before entering the Gulf.

After the most recent flooding that took place on Lake LBJ and in the Texas Hill Country many residents and property owners are quick to push blame on the LCRA.  The Highland Lakes System was designed for two main objectives: 1) flood control and 2) to generate power.  What many people do not realize is that when dealing with mother nature things are not as easy, predictable or quickly altered and there are so many moving parts when it comes to dealing with flood waters.  Making last minute changes or compensating for historical rainfall can be quite the daunting task.  I applaud the hard working men and women of the LCRA for doing their best to keep us safe!

If you, or someone you know, is interested in purchasing Lake LBJ real estate or would like more information on the Highland Lakes Region give me a call at (512) 786-1515

Best Cash Flow Opportunity on LBJ

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When looking for a real estate investment I prefer properties that produce cash. This extra income can help cover mortgages, other investments, or put a little extra spending money in your pocket each month.  I also prefer properties that I can use from time to time so I get some utility from it.  Short-term rentals accomplish this and, in my opinion, are the future of rental real estate.  With short term rentalss, not only are the rents high, the properties are always kept in a great condition that allows you to stay in your property when its not being rented out.  With a traditional rental property you only see it when its time to make repairs. Under this scenario you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor when the property is not producing.  Lastly I love the fact that properties that do well as STRs are typically in very desirable real estate markets and the potential upside in equity appreciation can be big.

2233 Fredwoods in Kingsland, Texas is hands down the best cash flow opportunity on Lake LBJ in my opinion.  Here are some of the reasons I believe so:

  1. 4 beds, 5.5 baths with multiple bonus spaces and HUGE gameroom on second floor
  2. Built across three lots this incredible estate offers lush grounds, privacy and lots of room to spread out…….or add a sand volleyball court to create the ultimate rental home
  3. There is a newly built, extremely high-end swimming pool that is estimated to cost approx $250,000 and yes this has all the bells and whistles: Grotto, jacuzzi, waterfall feature and the pool can be heated for year around enjoyment.
  4. The current owners just finished completion on a 2 stall steel and concrete boat dock which allows the owner to use one slip for themselves and the second for guests and rentals. Having a designated boat dock for a renter is a huge plus and will attract good clientele.

This property is currently being operated a STR being rented fro $800 / night but to me its not being maximized. If I bought it I would do the following renovations:

  1. Install new paint throughout including cabinets
  2. Install new floors throughout
  3. update 3 bathrooms (new tile only)
  4. Install new backsplash in kitchen
  5. Purchase NEW FURNISHINGS for entire home – This is going to be the biggest expense but is also the most critical.  This house has so much great living space and it needs to be accentuated with awesome furniture.  The outdoor living area just needs an upgrade to furnishings to create the ultimate lake escape.

This property is listed at $985,000 and the sellers will negotiate.  Believe me when I say that this is a great way to invest in Lake LBJ real estate and the best cash flow opportunity anywhere on the lake.  Give me a call for more info at (512) 786-1515


New Lake LBJ Real Estate TV Commercial

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Check out our newest Television Commercial airing on Northland Cable on Lake LBJ.  Broker Eric Carvajal discusses how we spend more money on marketing then our competitors to gain exposure for our customers and sell their waterfront homes on Lake LBJ for top dollar. If you are looking to buy or sale Lake Lbj real estate give me a call at (512) 786-1515


Great Time to Enter the Market

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Right now is a great time to enter the real estate market on Lake LBJ.  The end of the summer is usually a self imposed deadline for waterfront sellers and the news lately has been extremely negative pointing in the direction of a recession.  The truth is that there is so much cash in Texas its really hard to imagine any real drop in real estate values.  If prices were to drop property would get swooped up very quickly as there is a high demand for good real estate.  Interest rates are extremely low making borrowing both easy and affordable and in times when people are worried about the economy real estate is typically seen as a safe haven place to park money.

All that being said, when the mainstream media plays recession pieces on repeat 24 hours a day people begin to believe its true, which for people already trying to sell this adds to the motivation.  My advice is to throw around some offers and see who is willing to play ball.  I can help you with that.

Give me a call today to discuss Lake LBJ real estate and investment opportunities in the Texas Hill Country.

Price Reduction – 429 Oak Rock Point

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Big Price Reduction at 429 Oak Rock Point in Oak Ridge Estates (Horseshoe Bay, Texas).  This amazing property built across 3 lots was originally priced at $1,300,000 and has now been reduced $100,000 to $1,200,000.  If you are looking for a deal, in a great location and that allows short term rentals this is a great option. Contact me at (512) 786-1515 for more information or to learn more about Horseshoe Bay Real Estate .


Buying Off MLS Can Save You Money

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In the day and age of the internet real estate seems to be plastered everywhere providing no privacy for buyers and sellers.  Lately I have found that keeping properties out of MLS is a great strategy when selling a home in the current environment.  Here are a few reasons why this strategy can be great for buyers and sellers:

  1. Low Tax Appraisal Value – Often times properties are appraised by the county for lower than their market value.  When properties are put in MLS, Zillow, etc the sale price is recorded and this becomes public information giving appraisal districts data to start charging more for you and your neighbors
  2. Days on Market – when a property is kept out of MLS the days on market is always zero. There is no one recording the number of days on market and so the listing is essentially new whenever a buyer sees it.  Days on market can make a property look worn out or stale and cause buyers to steer clear or low ball.
  3. Exclusivity – we all know that buyers like some exclusivity. They like having access to things that no one else has access too.  When we keep a property out of MLS but make it available to qualified buyers they feel like they are getting inside access and because everyone wants inside access this can help a property look and feel like a special opportunity.
  4. Privacy – many of my customers are private people and do not want their life put online.  Keeping listings out of MLS prevents nosy neighbors from getting the inside scoop and keeps your business between you and the buyer.

If you are looking to buy or sale Lake LBJ real estate give me a call.  Id love to show you some of our newest listings that are not listed in MLS and help you buy right on the lake. Talk soon

Eric Carvajal

TREC # 0551482


Alliance for Lake LBJ Meeting Summary 6/6/2019

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A meeting to address sand and sediment build-up in Lake LBJ including the Llano River and Sandy Creek was held June 6, 2019 at the Horseshoe Bay POA building at Quail Point.

Llano County Commissioner Precinct 1 Peter Jones facilitated the meeting and opened with a moment of silence to commemorate fallen military on the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

Multiple lake communities were represented among the 65 attendees including the Cities of Horseshoe Bay with the Trails, Sunrise Beach Village and Granite Shoals, and the communities of Kingsland, Bridgepoint, Sandy Harbor, Oak Ridge Estates, Blue Lake, the Cold Spring business on Lake Marble Falls and Burnet County Commissioner Joe Don Dockery and Llano County Commissioner Mike Sandoval. All acknowledged the need to address this problem.,

Fermin Ortiz and Larry Black, Llano County residents, were presenters who have spent considerable time meeting with government agencies, hydrologists and environmental engineers.

Their findings are that the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) is not mandated nor funded to provide for the dredging of Lake LBJ but could be supportive in this endeavor. Fermin and Larry had contacted Texas A & M Institute of Dredging, University of Texas School of Engineering and dredging companies as well as a retired director of the Port of Corpus Cristy who had the responsibility of dredging the Port for 40 years.

In November 2018 a seminar was held by experts on Riparian restoration. Riparian is the bank of rivers and creeks which can be restored over time by planting appropriate plants along the riparian areas, that when taken root, hold back sand to create a well-defined river flow which would slow down the amount of sand flowing into the lake in future flooding events. Experimental planting took place early this year by volunteers on Sandy Creek

Research has also been conducted on the many grants that may be available.

It was proposed that Lake LBJ communities form and participate in a community alliance and create a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization called Alliance for Lake LBJ with the acronym of ALL.

ALL would establish a board comprised of members of the various Lake LBJ communities who determine the mission statement, by-laws, and determine action to be taken.

It was proposed that the ALL board would target raising $1 million to pay dredging companies to dredge identified parts of Lake LBJ. It is expected that ALL would raise $250,000 from donations and the balance from grants.

After support and funding is secured, ALL shall request bids from reputable dredging companies for the removal of sand. The contracted company would extract the sand and sell it to an existing sand processing plant currently in operation. After a negotiated timeline, a percentage of the net profits shall be paid to ALL. Those proceeds would then be held for future flood mitigation, emergency support in a flooding event or other Lake LBJ related expenses. The contracted company shall secure all necessary permits with the support of ALL.

The first step was to determine the interest in this approach by the Lake LBJ communities. This was voted on by a show on hands by those in attendance, which passed unanimously by all that voted with not a single vote against expressed.

The meeting concluded with Fermin Ortiz and Larry Black agreeing to move forward with the creation of a 501(3) and encourage participation by Lake LBJ communities on the ALL board and in the organization.

SOLD: 108 Tempe Granite Shoals, Texas 78654 – $599,000

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108 Tempe Granite Shoals, Texas 78654 – $599,000

Incredible one-story Lake LBJ single story home built across two lots in this ideal and scenic part of Granite Shoals! Located across the street from private ranch land this small enclave of homes is known as one of the best parts of Granite Shoals and touts some of the finest waterfront properties on the entire lake. With a total of 104 feet of waterfront just a short trip off one of the best ski coves on the lake, this prime waterfront location is just what you need to enjoy all Lake LBJ has to offer. The double lot really gives you the space and privacy that is so hard to find in this price point. This home could benefit from cosmetic upgrading but offers a ideal floor plan for you to run with and is very livable in its existing condition. Great opportunity to buy and use and upgrade over time as budget permits. The outdoor living space will blow you away with covered outdoor Cabana, full masonry fireplace and lots of deck space and seating area to really enjoy Lake LBJ with family and friends. This property comes with a fully-enclosed, one stall boat dock with hydraulic lift and a single wave runner lift with ample room to add more. Did I mention the grandfathered water well? The price has been aggressively reduced to $599,000 and I believe this is the best deal under $600k on Lake LBJ. This fantastic piece of Lake LBJ Real Estate is oozing with potential and is a real investment opportunity.

Quick Specs:

Price: $599,000

Lot size: .74 acres

Waterfront Feet: 104

House Size: 1938 sq ft with 3 bedrooms and two full baths

Year Built: 1978

Location: Granite Shoals on Lake LBJ