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Look Outside the Box

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When searching for your dream home on Lake LBJ I always recommend looking at properties that are slightly above your price range, and slightly below as well as properties that fall outside of your desired location.  Having an open mind and expanding your parameters a but will never hurt you and only lead you to have more knowledge of the local market and it might just lead you to your dream home that you never thought you would buy.

I can’t tell you how many times I work with buyers of Lake LBJ Real Estate and they have an idea in their mind, typically influenced by a friend that has a home or has had a home on the lake. Of course there is biased involved and everyone likes to talk up what they have and get you to join them.  Sometimes, however, there are better properties, with a better value proposition in places you least expect.

As a local waterfront expert with years and years of experience selling Lake LBJ Real Estate I know where the good stuff lies.  I am never going to show a property to a buyer client of mine without a purpose. Sometimes its to show them what not to buy but often it is to educate them on the market and give them some new perspective which will help them shape what exactly they are looking to buy.  I know Lake LBJ like the back of my hand and I spend almost every single day in or around the lake. I also manage multiple second homes for clients so I know what people like and what they don’t, what costs a lot of money to own and what doesn’t.  I know what resales well and what type of waterfront appreciates over time.  Leverage my vast experience with Lake LBJ Real Estate for your gain. Call or text any time at (512) 786-1515

Septic vs Sewer on Lake LBJ

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Waterfront homes on Lake LBJ either utilize a septic system or a sewer system depending on their location on the lake. Homes using a septic system have to leave sufficient room in the yard for the tank and the drain field and must meet certain distance and setback requirements to the water and certain utility easements.  This typically means that improvements cannot take up as much space vs a home with sewer because of this allocation. Homes using a sewer system have a grinder pump that pulverizes waste and then sends it offsite for treatment and disposal. These sewer type systems are typically better equipped to handle large loads and the inconsistent weekend load which is more inline with a  second home. Waterfront homes that utilize a septic system are able to cover more yard and also have to adhere to much less restriction and oversight compared to homes with septic systems.  Septic systems also require continuous maintenance not needed with a sewer system.


I have personally owned homes that utilize septic and have owned homes that use sewer. While I typically prefer a sewer system I would not not invest in a home because of septic. Please reach out if you have specific questions about septic systems or sewer systems on Lake LBJ.  If we can assist you buying, selling or owning Lake LBJ Real Estate please reach out!

Why Prices Continue to Rise on Lake LBJ

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There are two important factors affecting the value of Lake LBJ Real Estate.  Supply of available properties and demand for those properties.  Here I will break down why I think both are causing and will continue to cause the prices of Lake LBJ Real Estate to rise.


Supply of Lake LBJ Real Estate – As you know Lake LBJ is not very big.  No new land can be created and most of the lake is fully built out which means that anyone that wants to build a new home will likely have to get their hands on an old home and tear it down or do a major renovation.  On top of that each property is extremely unique and no two properties are exactly the same.  This means that if a buyer wants a specific area, or size of property there may only be one available for sale at any given time.  Lastly many of the families that own these properties are very wealthy and do not have good alternative options to reinvest the funds should they sell.  Many of these families elect to keep the properties and pass them down from generation to generation for various reasons including tax sheltering.  All of these factors combined make the supply of Lake LBJ Real Estate extremely limited.


Demand for Lake LBJ Real Estate – Did you remember hearing headline after headline about how many people were moving to Austin and/or Texas per day? It was a lot and it went on for a long time.  In Texas we have major cities like Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas with large populations but we also have places like Midland/Odessa, and Fredericksburg that are home to wealthy individuals.  With so many thriving industries like real estate, tech oil and gas, car dealers, attorneys, doctors, developers, builders, you name it, there are so many potential buyers in Texas alone that can afford to buy waterfront properties.  Lake LBJ is well positioned in the center of the state and the competition for other fresh water, constant level lakes is very limited making it a highly sought destination.  As Texas continues to thrive so will the demand for Lake LBJ Real Estate.

If you would like to learn more about our market and/or how I believe one should invest in Lake LBJ Real Estate give me a call.  I don’t just sell here but I also live here, on the water, and have great insight into the local market.  Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you soon!

Boat Dock Regulations on Lake LBJ

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Did you know that the LCRA allows boat docks to be built up to 50 ft of the shoreline and can be 1500 sq ft or less in size so long as they do not block more than 1/3 of the navigable channel?  I always recommend clients max out their boat dock size and take advantage of the essentially free real estate.  Boat docks are a critical piece to waterfront property and are often an extension of outdoor living space to a home.  If possible I recommend building two boat slips and a nice sitting area that is shaded from the sun and jet ski lifts if that is important to you

As a waterfront property owner myself I know and understand the ins and outs of Lake House ownership. Leverage my experience for your benefit when buying and selling Lake LBJ Real Estate!

Opportunity to Invest in Sunrise Beach

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As you know I have been successfully selling and also personally investing in Lake LBJ Real Estate for some time now. I have sold some properties on the lake as much as 3 different times now. I know how these places live, I know what makes money, and I know what sells time and time again. Too many times I see buyers making BAD moves by allowing their emotions to overtake the process, focusing on a shiny house, or a certain price point rather than fully considering and understanding what truly makes Lake LBJ Real Estate valuable as an investment and that is the land and water.

Our listing at 280 E. Lakeshore in Sunrise Beach is an opportunity that many people will pass over but the ones that jumps will be glad they did and here is why: This package is comprised of TWO separately platted waterfront lots. One lot has a nearly new boat dock that cost approx. $150k and the second has a 2 bedroom, 2 bath house that is very livable. Individually (and without any improvements) the lots alone are arguably worth more than what we are asking for the package. The current home is very functional and the dock is amazing and would be an asset to any lakefront home.

When you buy waterfront property do you really want to have most of your investment go towards the improvements or would you rather be investing in GREAT land that can always be built on and improved in the future? Here is the truth, without the lake frontage you likely wouldn’t be investing here so shouldn’t the bulk of the investment be centered around the water?

This Lake LBJ property is great as-is and would make for a phenomenal second home getaway. The lots could be built on individually so one could build a house on one for themselves and sell off the other OR keep the two lots together and build one house for a priceless waterfront tract. When I invest I like to consider the exit strategy and I like outs. This property has various outs and most importantly it is AS GOOD AS IT GETS in terms of waterfront property.

If you want to learn more or talk more about it reach out any time. Leverage my many years of experience for your benefit and gain! Allow me to help you wisely invest in Lake LBJ Real Estate.

Boat Docks Matter on the Lake

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Before you splurge on a Lake House on Lake LBJ make sure it’ has a good, quality dock. Old wood boat docks are a liability not an asset. Today’s docks are built using steel and concrete or composite decking with slips sized for today’s boats and clearance that allows the owner to raise the boat with having to lower a tower or bimini. Many boat docks on Lake LBJ offer outdoor living space that compliments the home.  A new dock can cost well over 100k so you better pay attention to what you are buying to avoid unexpected expenses.

For more tips and information surrounding boat docks on Lake LBJ or Lake LBJ Real Estate please reach out at (512) 786-1515. Thanks for reading!


Is Open Water the Obvious Choice?

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Open water may seem like the obvious choice and I completely understand why but as with everything, no property or waterfront type is perfect.  Understanding the cons of open water will, at minimum, help you make an informed purchase decision on Lake LBJ. Here are a few things you may want to know before you buy:

Open water on Lake LBJ can be very rough.  This makes parking a boat or pulling out of your dock a challenge and sometimes even dangerous

Would floating on a float or raft in front of your property be of interest to you? On a busy weekend this would be nearly impossible if not completely out of the question if you are on open water. The boat wakes and waves would really throw you around

Open water comes with a lot of noise put out by boats and jet skis.  Because its open water this means that watercraft will pass by at high rates of speed and when they are doing so their engines are revved putting out quite a bit of sound.  Try having a quiet conversation over the noise or taking a peaceful nap in the hammock.

Is fishing important to you?  If so you need to make sure you understand that fishing off the dock on the open water can be a bit of a challenge and likely an unsuccessful endeavor on most busy days.  The water is just too rough and the boat traffic is to great to successfully cast a line out into the lake.

Lastly, many people have friends with houses on the lake and the idea of them pulling up by boat and parking out front seems like a fairy tale. The truth is on open water this is nearly impossible unless you have a second slip available, that is sized properly for their boat. Most properties don’t have this capability.

I like open water and do not believe its all bad but understand the ins and outs will ensure that you are well informed before making your decision. An experienced broker, with experience on the water, living and selling waterfronts can help you sift through the junk to find the gold on Lake LBJ.  Reach out to start a conversation and lets make the best of your pursuit of Lake LBJ Real Estate!



Cash Flow Opportunity on Lake LBJ

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If you are in the market for a Cash Flow Opportunity on Lake LBJ I have just the deal for your! 1720 Bluebonnest is an awesome, single-story waterfront home situated on a beautiful double lot on the Llano Arm of Lake LBJ.  With 4 bedrooms, multiple living rooms, incredible outdoor space, two swimming pools (one with a slide) and a newly constructed boat dock with two slips, sized for most any boat on Lake LBJ this one is a winner!  The current owners self manage as a vacation vental grossing approx 140k in 2023 and 190k in 2022 with many repeat visitors and excellent reviews.  The house is being offered fully furnished and the seller will help the buyer take over the rental business so a beat is not skipped.  If you are looking for a GREAT property that pays for itself consider 1720 Blue Bonnet on Lake LBJ.

Qualified buyers reach out to learn more about this special opportunity to own a prime piece of Lake LBJ Real Estate.


LBJ Real Estate: New Construction in Blue Lake Estates

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If you are in the market for an amazing property on Lake LBJ I have a new off-market listing that I believe you will love.  Check out this contemporary farm house located on Open Water in highly sought Blue Lake Estates. This fine piece of Lake LBJ Real Estate is everything you could ever dream up and more and checks all the boxes when it comes to Lake home.  This 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath home offers an open floor plan with awesome indoor and outdoor living space which includes both an indoor and outdoor fireplace, sliding glass doors out to the brilliant screened porch, white and bright kitchen plus outdoor kitchen overlooking the yard and high ceilings for a luxurious yet cozy feel. 2 bedrooms on the main floor, both with en suite bathrooms and two guest bedrooms on the second floor also with their own bathrooms.

The yard is amazing, flat and lush with good trees, ample room for a pool and a gentle slope down to the gorgeous waterfront and newly constructed steel dock.

If you are in the market for something special in the location that everyone wants look no further. This one is move in ready with the opportunity to purchase fully furnished. Talk about a great piece of Lake LBJ Real Estate


Not in MLS – Lake LBJ Soft Contemporary on Open Water

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If you are in the market for a special Lake House I may have just the place! Check out our newest listing on Lake LBJ located at 105 Inspiration in Sunrise Beach. This 2020 built, soft contemporary home is perched atop a large, east-facing lot with 145 feet of prime open water with nice cove-protection created by a natural island located just off the shoreline.  The 4 bedroom home with built to maximize lakefront living and is perfect to entertain family, friends and guests.  Wide-open floor plan with 4 bedrooms (2 on the main floor) plus office, game room, a 750 bottle cooled wine room. The property includes a 15,000 gallon pool and spa, a gorgeous, covered outdoor kitchen, outdoor shower and steel-constructed boat dock on very deep water.

This home is not yet in MLS and is available for showings!  Qualified buyers reach out for a first look at this incredible piece of Lake LBJ Real Estate!