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Accurate Pricing Is Critical

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Accurately pricing a home in today’s crazy real estate market on Lake LBJ is critical to a top dollar sell.  Inventory is at an all-time low and and demand is higher than I have ever seen it in my career.  In my professional opinion the best way to sell a piece of property for the most money is to aggressively price it, right in the sweet spot and let the market dictate the final sales price.  It is important to be accurate, not to high and not too low but just right to get that emotional response from buyers that make them feel like they need to jump.  When this happens bidding wars start and that is when a top dollar sale, with ideal terms takes place.  Hire the Expert. We know Lake LBJ!

Room to Run on Lake LBJ

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Over the last few months we have seen record prices and number of transactions in the Lake LBJ Real Estate market.  Overall demand increased significantly over the last few years as people moved to Texas in droves and COVID-19 gave people a real reason to secure a spot outside of the city.   As inventory continues to dwindle down to extremely low levels prices are surely on the rise.  I was recently made aware of a sale on Lake Austin in which this small boat dock in rough shape (pictured below) just sold for over $1,000,000.  No house, no yard, just a spot to build a new dock.


If you consider what you can get for $1m on Lake LBJ it sure makes our market look cheap.  For this reason and the fact that there are so many eyes on Lake LBJ I believe prices have the chance to really run in the near and long term.  We are already experiencing multiple offer situations and I have heard of property owners receiving unsolicited offers to sale.  This is a very hot market.  If you are looking for a empty lot to build, Good Luck as they are few and far between.  Many buyers are realizing that you may need to tear down an old house to get that perfect spot.

If you are considering buying or selling under the current market conditions make sure you are represented by the an experienced broker that knows the local market.  This ain’t no mama’s boy picnic.  Call me at (512) 786-1515 if I can be of assistance.



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See below from Peter Jones regarding the Proposed Collier Sand Plant in Llano County on Lake LBJ:


I had previously advised that the proposed sand plant by Collier Inc on Sandy Creek has had the permit request withdrawn by Collier Inc. and will not proceed.

Collier Inc. has been seeking alternate options and is planning to establish a sand plant about one mile west of the 2900 bridge on the Llano River at the Moss/Miles ranch.

I have met with the Kevin Collier, President of Collier Inc,  and  the following is a summary of the plans for this plant.

Collier Inc has entered into an agreement with the ranch owners to use part of the ranch for this purpose. The plan is for Collier Inc to use two dredging barges to dredge sand from the Llano River about 2500 feet either side of the site location and to pump the sand from the dredging barges to land. The barges will dredge 2 foot strips of sand up to 30 feet deep and will dredge across the river and along the river banks. On land the sand will go through a dewatering wheel to remove water from the sand. The water will then be passed through 3 ponds to clarify the water and be returned to the lake. The sand will drop onto a conveyor system that will bring the sand to the southern end of the site property. The sand will enter a processor to separate the sand to potentially 9 different types of sand specifications for use on golf course bunkers and cement. The processor will be run on electric power and will be the most technically advanced system in North America. The sand will then be trucked from the property onto County Road 309 to Hwy 71.

The operation will run 5 days per week from 7am to 5 pm. It is expected when in full operation that this plant may produced up to 4,000 tons of sand per day which would require about 120 trucks per day to transport. To offset the cost to improve and maintain CR309 Collier will provide financial support to the county. Collier has discussed this with to the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) who would be required to approve a permit, as well the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and other agencies. The effective date to start operations is planned to be March 2021.

This summary will no doubt raise many additional questions and more information will be forthcoming as more details are known.

Collier has attempted to address many of the concerns expressed with the Sandy Creek project and is in line with the concern many have to establish a long term solution to reduce the sediment build up in Lake LBJ.

I will provide updates on information on this project as it is known.

Please see the map below showing the location of the site.

Invest in Waterfront Lots on Lake LBJ

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A great way to invest in Lake LBJ Real Estate in the current market is to buy a waterfront lot.  Under current market conditions buyers are anxious to be at the lake, don’t want to wait to deal with the “headaches” associated with building a house and will pay a premium to buy a move-in ready house. For that reason, waterfront lots are hard to sell and can often be bought right due to their illiquidity.  Rather than inheriting an old cabin and trying to remodel it to your liking, isn’t it better to buy a blank slate and not overpay for improvements you don’t want?  I definitely think so.

Building is actually much easier than most think and is a great experience to go through with your partner and/or family members.  I have great contacts and recommendations that can de-risk the building process and make it a pleasant experience.  And when you build your own home you can get exactly what you want at a price that you want based on your design selections.  If done right you should be able to buy a lot and improve it to a point at which it will fetch more on the open market than it cost you to build.  That’s called development.

My advice to those who can be patient – stop chasing what everyone else is chasing and create your own getaway on Lake LBJ.  Hit me up for more information on Lake LBJ real estate or to start shopping for a waterfront lot on Lake LBJ today.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Lake LBJ

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The impact of COVID-19 on Lake LBJ real estate has been nothing short of mind blowing!  The market, after being a complete Ghost town for 45 days is moving like I have never seen before.  Many buyers are looking for Lake LBJ real estate as a place to getaway but also as a means to protect capital over fears of rapid inflation.  Below are a few top reasons why the market on Lake LBJ is so hot:

  1. Buyers are cancelling out of state trips and looking to spend quality time at a vacation home
  2. Buyers are looking to escape the city and the COVID-19 has proven that they can be just as productive working remotely
  3. Buyers fear rapid inflation due to the amount of money that has been pumped into the economy. Hard assets tend to at minimum keep pace with inflation
  4. Who doesn’t get excited about Lake LBJ in the summer?!

I would have never imagined in a million years that I would be on pace for yet another record setting year on the lake after the entire nation has shut down over fears of Corona Virus.  We always knew inventory was extremely limited and understood that people were moving to Texas in droves but never before has the true scarcity of Lake LBJ been on such full and wide display.  In such a competitive market it is extremely important to work with an experienced broker that knows the lake, understands the market and will work harder than anyone to ensure you are seeing all the available deals and opportunities and will use their expertise to help you accomplish your goals with Lake LBJ Real Estate.  Give me a call today at (512) 786-1515 for more information or to start a conversation to get the process started.  Hire the Expert. We Know Lake LBJ!

Lake LBJ Home Management

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Are you tired of showing up to the lake with a laundry list of to do items?  Is it becoming harder and harder to rely on contractors and service providers from out of town?  Is your current concierge company not providing the service you expect?

If the answer is yes to any or all of these questions we would love the opportunity to speak with you about our Lake LBJ Home Management Service.  Our team of highly trained, and licensed professionals help property owners like yourself manage all of the hassles and headaches associated with owning a waterfront home on the lake so that our clients can focus on enjoying the lake.   Because no two properties are alike, we customize our approach to meet the specific needs and requirements of each property owner(s).  Whether it be meeting and overseeing contractors, obtaining bids for maintenance and repairs, or scheduling routine services like landscape, pool cleaning and house keeping we make owning a lake home easy.  Through economies of scale and a local presence we are able to save our clients money and time but can also ensure projects are completed timely and to our high standards.

If you would like a FREE, no-obligation Lake LBJ Home Management proposal reach out today at (512) 786-1515.  We would love the opportunity to discuss how can not only help you protect your waterfront asset but also add great value to your Lake LBJ experience.

An Opportune Time to Make a Move on LBJ

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We always talk about how we wish prices would go down creating a buying opportunity.  Well here we are.  From my discussions with clients most people aren’t hurting but I would have to believe that sellers are more motivated today then they were a few weeks ago given the economic conditions and what has transpired with the Corona Virus.  Warren Buffet said ” Be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful”.  I can tell you that at least some are fearful right now and that means its a good time to be greedy.  If you are willing to buy something right now, some sellers are anxious to liquidate and your cash may be just what they need to calm their nerves.

Here are a few tips to seek value in the current market:

    1. Look for builder inventory – I would have to imagine that any builder with significant inventory has to be ready to unload at least some properties right now to firm up their position, especially if they are leveraged.  We know they are in it for business and many can argue that they won’t be setting any records on sales prices for a while.
    2.  Look for properties listed in the last few days – Unless you have to sell, why would you list your home in the middle of the Corona Virus outbreak? It doesn’t make sense.  I have had many conversations with clients and have advised them to hold off on listing for a few weeks, or until this passes unless of course they have to sell.  I would assume that anyone that lists right now, in the middle of the pandemic, has to sell or desperately wants to.
    3. Look for properties associated with owners in the Oil and Gas sector – Oil has taken a beating in the last few weeks and by beating I mean a very bad one.  Oil is at historic low prices and many producers need cash to make margin calls on bank debt.  I am not saying that all sellers in oil and gas need to sell but some most definitely do.
    4. Look for properties that have been on the market for a long time and/or that have taken recent price reductions.  Often times it takes sellers a long time to get realistic on price. Everyone believes they made a great purchase and their property is worth way more than they bought it for but the reality is that in any market you have to be realistic about your price. We always advise our sellers to be aggressive with their pricing and in order to make a sell rather than overpricing and gaining days on market that will scar your listing.   Sometimes days on market means sellers are incredibly stubborn and are willing to hold but again I would imagine with everything that is going on right now there are some minds changing.

As the top waterfront producer on Lake LBJ I bring real value to my customers.  I have a strong pulse on the market and know where the opportunities lie.  Please reach out  at any time to discuss how right now may the perfect time to scoop up your dream piece of Lake LBJ Real Estate at a really attractive price.

SOLD: 1000 The Cape #53

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Our newest Lake LBJ Real Estate listing is located in Horseshoe Bay proper at The Waters, unit #53. This 3 bed, 2 bath investment opportunity has been fully upgraded to the nines including new cabinets, floors, paint, counter tops, built-ins and new bathrooms including walk-in shower in the master en suite bathroom.  This property is located on the 5th floor and offers some of the best views overlooking the newly upgraded marina, the bay, and the Texas Hill Country.  This unit is being sold fully furnished with a golf-cart and is listed at $485,000.  Reach out for a first look


Showroom Renovation Complete at Boat Town Kingsland

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Congratulations to Boat Town in Kingsland for getting their showroom renovation completed just in time for lake season.  This wonderful, family-owned business has been such a great asset to the Lake LBJ real estate community and we are pleased to have them in our back yard. If you are in the market for a boat or waverunner you can trust their experienced sales crew to make sure you buy a boat that fits your family’s needs. They also sell gear from wakeboards and surfboards to life jackets, ropes, skis and even yeti products. While you are there be sure to stop by Boat Town Burger Bar next door and enjoy their full bar and gourmet hamburgers overlooking Lake LBJ.

SOLD: 2100 Williams Lakeshore Kingsland Texas

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Our newest listing in Kingsland, Texas on Lake LBJ is a real show stopper. 6 bedrooms, 5 baths with two living rooms, incredible pool and amazing outdoor living area with swim up bar, outdoor seating and outdoor kitchen with built in grill.  This one is special #BestofLBJ