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New TV Commercial for College Football

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Here is the new TV Commercial we recorded last night, just in time for College Football on Lake LBJ.  The summer is coming to an end but the market on Lake LBJ is strong and there are good buyers for great properties.  Contact me today for a FREE, no obligation home evaluation and market analysis or assistance with Lake LBJ Real Estate.  We now offer luxury home management if that is of interest


Now Offering Waterfront Property Management Services

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The Carvajal Group is pleased to announce that we will now be offering waterfront property management services on Lake LBJ.  If you, or someone you know owns a waterfront home on Lake LBJ and is tired of dealing with maintenance and upkeep of your lake home we can take all the stress away and take care of your home as if it is our own.

Many of you do not know but I first started my career in Austin, Texas managing properties for out of town owners.  Today, our property management portfolio has surpassed 150 doors and has been the backbone of our real estate business.

As the Lake LBJ Real Estate Expert it is only fitting that we now offer these services to our customers on Lake LBJ.  Different than our property management business in Austin our company will focus on two types of properties: 1) Luxury Homes and 2) Vacation Rental Properties.  We are very selective about the type of properties that we choose and our services are not going to be the least expensive.  That being said, I can tell you that our clients will receive top-notch property management services on Lake LBJ and they can breath easy with peace of mind that their home is being cared for at the highest level.  Our focus will be on managing things like pool maintenance, landscape and tree-trimming, house cleaning, roof and gutter cleaning, preventative maintenance and project management to ensure the homes we care for are in top condition with the owners arrive.

If you would like to learn more about our waterfront property management services or need assistance with anything Lake LBJ Real Estate contact me at (512) 786-1515



Lake LBJ Ranked #7 Bass Lakes in US

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People often ask me how the fishing is on Lake LBJ.  The truth is I am way too busy selling real estate to know the answer but I recently caught up with my buddy Jake Kennamer with Uncharted Fishing who informed me that Lake LBJ was recently ranked #7 Bass Lakes in the Central Region of the United States by Bass Master!

Click the link below to find out what other Texas Lakes made the cut

When you are ready to buy your own piece of Lake LBJ Real Estate give me a call at (512) 786-1515


Lake LBJ Water Quality Report (LCRA taken on 6/19/2018)

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In case you are wondering about the water quality in Lake LBJ here is all the info you need.  Per the LCRA samples taken on 6/19/2018 all is well in the lake!


If you have questions about life on Lake LBJ or need assistance with your Lake LBJ Real Estate goals contact me at (512) 786-1515.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Thanks for following

-Eric Carvajal / LBJ Expert

Great Brokers Do More Than Sell

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Great brokers do more than just sell real estate.  We solve problems, and often times in a moments notice in order to get deals to the finish line.  I was recently hired to a sell a property in Horseshoe Bay and two days before closing we found out that the driveway was poured over the septic drain lines and that LCRA would not approve the septic system without modification. With anxious buyers and sellers ready to close we had to act quickly in order to get this process expedited.

In less than two weeks time I was able to have the system designed, obtain a permit from LCRA and add approx 45 feet of drain line to the system.  We also had to cover the holes created by the work and get the yard landscaped for the new buyers.  For most agents this would be a very difficult task and for me it was not easy, but doable.  Due to my experience serving the Lake LBJ area I was able to tap into my connections and move my client’s needs to the front of the line.  The septic system was completed, approved and today the sod will be laid to finalize the project for closing.

When you are buying or selling Lake LBJ real estate there are many unknowns and challenges that may come up throughout the process.  Its critical that you work with a Broker that is not just good at selling but also at solving problems and getting things done.  Getting to the closing table is what matters.

Before you buy or sell Lake LBJ real estate I strongly encourage you to give me a call and learn more about what all I do for my clients.  This may good and well be the biggest investment you make in your lifetime and its only prudent to hire the best!  Contact me today at (512) 786-1515 to learn more about my passion for selling real estate on Lake LBJ.



Make The Offer, Buy the Option

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Anyone looking at Lake LBJ Real Estate knows that GOOD inventory on the lake is extremely limited.  It may seem like there are a lot of properties on the market but if you are looking for a good one they are getting harder and harder to come by.

Recently a customer of mine looked at a house 3 different times over the course of two-three months.  I knew they really liked the house and kept encouraging them to make an offer.  They weren’t convinced and wanted to come back again to see the house.  On the last visit the decided to make an offer.  The property had been listed for months without any offers and sure enough my clients found themselves in a multiple offer situation……..and we lost the property.

The truth is that the opportunity was there and I knew it was a great deal, one of the few left on the lake.  It was only a matter of time before another group came in and saw the value like I did.  When I buy property I am typically pretty quick to make an offer leveraging my option, or unrestricted right to terminate, to evaluate the deal.  Buyers are typically apprehensive to submit an offer and its not easy to get someone from “I like the property” to actually going through the steps necessary to put an offer in writing and submit.

For me, I need to know the price that I can buy something before I can evaluate if I want to move forward.  I also know that when there is no current interest in a property a seller is much more likely to negotiate than if there is another party showing interest and understand that this can change in an instant.  For that reason I strike quickly, negotiate quickly and buy the time to properly assess the deal without any other interested parties affecting my deal.  I do this knowing that I can terminate during my option period if I decide to do so.

If you find yourself looking at Lake LBJ Real Estate or any property for that matter here are a few suggestions Id like to make:


  • Hire a market expert that is plenty successful so they are not relying on your specific deal to make ends meet.  You want a unbiased representative that can help you decide when to make an offer and at what price.


  • Be prepared to make an offer before you start looking.  If you are getting a loan, get pre-qualified so you have a good understanding as to what the property will cost and what will be required of you to complete the purchase.  It may be helpful to take a look at a purchase contract, read through it and get any questions answered so you don’t waste time with this later


  • If you find something you like, make an offer and BUY THE OPTION.  You can always terminate but all too often I have seen buyers that are disappointed because they lost out on a deal because they waited.  Multiple offer situations make things messy and emotional and often drive up the cost of real estate.


If you or someone you know is in the market for Lake LBJ Real Estate I strongly encourage you to contact me to discuss further.  Lake LBJ is not only where I work but also where I live with my family and I am passionate about sharing this special place with others.  Hope to hear from you soon!


Eric Carvajal

Lake LBJ Real estate Expert

(512) 786-1515

Best Deal on Lake LBJ

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Finding the right property can be very hard in today’s very tight market on Lake LBJ.  Inventory is extremely limited and prices are setting records on the lake.  Good deals are very hard to come by but if you are willing to step outside of your comfort zone and trust the Lake LBJ real estate expert you might find your dream home.

Take a look at 136 Winding Way in Sunrise Beach.  For starters, this property is one of the most unique settings I have every seen on Lake LBJ.  The large, tree-studded lot is full of great live oak trees providing lots of shade with lush St Augustine gently rolling down to the water with rare and unique granite outcroppings and boulders to accentuate the landscape.  There is a nice concrete bulkhead in place and a steel constructed boat dock already built to house your boat.  Down by the water’s edge is a small bridge leading you across the water and onto your own private island with open water views of Lake LBJ.  There is a small swimming hole at the water’s edge and great room to spread out and play by the lake.  How many properties have you seen that have an island?  I only know of a handful and they can be counted on one hand.

The house is a 2009 built log-style cabin with 2 bedrooms, 2 full baths and a useful sleeping loft for overflow.  The house boats huge branches used as support and has old barn wood flooring on the second floor to accent this Lake LBJ getaway.  The house has stainless appliances, gas cooking, high vaulted ceilings, stained concrete floors, a full size laundry room and the perfect, wrap-around porch to sit out and enjoy Lake LBJ.

So why hasn’t it sold?  To be honest this has been a question I have been asking myself lately.  I believe there are a few reasons it has not sold and they are:

  1. The home was originally listed at $700k but has now been reduced to $599k making it one of the cheapest buyable properties on the lake
  2. The house only has 2 bedrooms which some believe is too small for a lakehouse but with over 1800 sq ft and a sleeping loft I believe there is plenty of room to house many. When you are at the lake you pack it deep
  3. Pictures don’t do this one justice. Many buyers look online and decide whether or not they will come to have a look.  Being that it is a log cabin with a very particular style many buyers pass it up in hopes to find something better

What I find interesting is that most buyers have unrealistic expectations when it comes to price and what one should expect in such price range.  If you ask me, this is hands down one of the best deals on Lake LBJ and I am more than confident that someone will be very happy owning this Lake LBJ dream.

If you are ready to make a good buy on the lake then call me today at (512) 786-1515!  I am here to assist with all your Lake LBJ real estate needs.

Short Term Rentals Allowed?

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As property values increase and holding costs become increasingly more expensive many buyers look to short term rentals to help generate income on these second home properties.  However, many areas on Lake LBJ have specific bans on short term rentals making them rare and hard to find.

When looking for a rental property on Lake LBJ it is very important to look clearly at your title policy and title commitment to ensure that there are no hidden deed restrictions that prevent an owner from renting out their property on a nightly basis.  Currently, most properties that are in Kingsland, Horseshoe Bay and Oak Ridge have no specific restrictions against short term rentals but buyers should always do their own homework and research before relying on such information.  In a few instances we have seen specific HOAs that prevent nightly rentals and that could be discovered during the title phase.

If you have questions specific to short term rentals on Lake LBJ or would like assistance with anything pertaining to Lake LBJ Real Estate contact me at (512) 786-1515

Sunrise Beach Peninsula – 306 Waterfront feet

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128 Cottonwood, Sunrise Beach TX

  • Choice Peninsula w/ 306 waterfront feet on Lake LBJ

  • 3201 sq ft, 3 bed, 2.5 bath + second living room

  • Oversized Boat Dock w/ Boat and Waverunner Lifts

Call For Price (512) 786-1515

New Construction Homes Set the Bar

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There is an interesting phenomenon happening in Lake LBJ Real Estate and that involves new construction homes currently being built.  A quick drive around Lake LBJ will quickly prove that many property owners are tearing down old fishing cabins on the lake and replacing them with new construction homes.  Many of these homes are of a more contemporary nature, larger in size and frankly just more expensive to build.  I find it hard to believe that any of these new homes are being built for less than $200-$250/ft and I have heard that homes by well known San Antonio architecture firm, Lake Flato are costing upwards of $450/ft not including land costs.

What I find interesting is that many of these homes are being built at costs that far exceed what the current or previous markets have ever bore in terms of value.  These homes are setting new records for their community and ultimately raising the bar for the future Lake LBJ Real Estate market.

With such a scarce amount of actual property on Lake LBJ and a even more scarce number of GREAT properties I believe the market will have to catch up.  The majority of these home owners own these properties as second and third homes and these people are wealthy telling me its highly unlikely they will sell for less than what they have invested when the time comes.

  1. Invest in Great Waterfront – These are the properties that are being torn down because their land value is higher than the cost of the property with the old house on it
  2. Resale homes may not be as expensive as you think.  Many of these homes can be purchased for below replacement cost.  When the bar is raised these properties will see great appreication
  3. Hire the Expert! – when buying Lake LBJ Real Estate you need a trusted professional that knows the lake and understands the market.  A experienced broker will lead you in the right direction and help you make a sound investment
  4. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone – Be open to new areas and look at properties you might have originally thought you wouldn’t want to see.  You never know whats hiding around the corner

If you or someone you know is in the market for Lake LBJ Real Estate I strongly encourage you to pick up the phone and give me a call at (512) 786-1515.  Allow me to share my passion for Lake LBJ Real Estate with you and help you invest wisely on Lake LBJ.  Talk soon!

-Eric Carvajal


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