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Be Open to All Areas on the Lake

Posted by in Horseshoe Bay Real Estate, Lake LBJ Real Estate on Feb 10, 2023

I can’t tell you how many times I have had clients tell me ” we don’t want to see property in Granite Shoals” or ” we want to stay in Horseshoe Bay because we have friends there” and while these concerns are valid they go against one of my main recommendations for any buyers interested in Lake LBJ Real Estate.  Some of the BEST properties on the entire Lake LBJ are located in some of the “less popular” neighborhoods and until you actually experience some of these special properties and what they have to offer you can’t ever scratch them off the list completely.  Property owners that have spent a considerable amount of time on Lake LBJ know that the community a property is located within is typically less important than the actual property and waterfront. The bottom line is that some of the properties we represent on Lake LBJ are so special and unique that they do not exist anywhere else; there is only one and if you want it you have to take it where it lies.

The property below was one we sold a few years back and while it is incredibly special and unique it was a challenge to sell because it was hard to get prospects to go look at it in Granite Shoals, Texas. Knowing what I know about the Lake LBJ Real Estate market I say its pretty hard to find a property this special anywhere on Lake LBJ, or even in Texas for that matter.  Great properties in overlooked areas on Lake LBJ seem like GREAT investment opportunities if you ask me.  Take a look at some of the photos below and let me know if you agree. If we can help you buy, sell or own waterfront property on Lake LBJ please reach out at (512) 786-1515


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