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Attracting LBJ Real Estate Buyers

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In the latest issue of Austin Fit Magazine, we are running a full page ad advertising Lake LBJ Real Estate and our website. We are looking to attract buyers that are interested and into fitness because we know that these people generally have higher incomes and can afford second homes. Take a look at our latest ad:

If you are looking to purchase Lake LBJ Real Estate or need assistance with your Lake LBJ Home Search, contact me today at (512) 786-1515.

Family Style Investment

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my waterfront home on Lake LBJ

15 years ago my father purchased a waterfront home on Lake LBJ as a place for our family to spend time together and enjoy the lake. Without realizing (or maybe he did), he was actually making an investment that would benefit our family in so many ways. Without even knowing it he was making an investment that would shape who we are today.

For the Carvajal family our home is a place of family gathering. With kids in all different parts of Texas and even the US it was always a place where we could meet. Growing up it was a place of innocent summer fun with family and friends. We spent countless days out on the boat or waverunners, and many nights fishing off the dock. We shared many meals together inside and out, and had coversations in both spanish and english. Lake LBJ was always a place where our Costa Rican family would come to when they visited this country. It is a place we head to after summer camp, and yes the grandkids are still going to the same camp we did as a kid.

Lake LBJ was also an investment in my father’s retirement. The property was purchased 15 years ago and slowly paid down over time. We made upgrades along the way, a few small additions and improvements and changed the paint color a few times. Without really seeing it happen, the lake house on LBJ became an investment that will help my mother and father retire one day. It is an valuable investment that they can leave to the family to continue on and enjoy for many a summers to come.

Lake LBJ has also become a way of life for me. With my father making an investment in Lake LBJ real estate it is very unlikely that I would be selling real estate here like I do. His investment in a waterfront property helped me to see the lake from a different perspective. It was because of this property that I fell in love and became so passionate about Lake LBJ real estate. Its this same house that gives me a place to stay when I am selling and it is this property that I believe will help me to take care of my own family and even my parents for years to come.

In the beginning, my father had no idea that so much good would come from a single investment but looking back its very easy and obvious to see why this worked out the way it did. When purchasing waterfront property on Lake LBJ we cannot ignore the fact that this should be an investment in your family. If you are not going to use it or maximize it there will probably be a day when you are tired of having it and it will be a burden. But if you use it, enjoy it, and live it, it will be so much more to you and your family.

If you are looking for assistance making a family investment in Lake LBJ real estate, give me a call at (512) 786-1515. Let me share my passion with you!

Deer Repellant Experiment

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For anyone that owns a Lake LBJ Real Estate in Granite Shoals, Sunrise Beach, or Horseshoe Bay, you know that deer can be problematic. Last night I pulled up to my waterfront home and noticed a ton of deer in the yard. I could aslo see that the yard did not look as nice as it usually did; it looked torn and pulled.

I decided to head up to the local Home Depot in Marble Falls and found a chemical that claims to repel the dear. I figured I would share my experience and then follow up in a few weeks and let you know if I notice a difference. The largest bottle of this stuff was $25 approximately which came with a sprayer. The attendant told me to spray the perimeter of the yard and then go back and actually spray the area inside the perimeter.

This stuff smelled horrible. Words cannot describe how bad it really smells and be careful because you dont want your significant other smelling this on you or you will be in the dog house. I believe the idea is that this stuff has a terrible odor that the deer dont like and it will prevent them from laying up in the sprayed areas.

The sprayer actually did not work but luckily I had a sprayer for a pesticide that I used with this chemical. It was very easy to spray the substance, although the smell was very prevalent. I sprayed the perimeter and then finished off by spraying inside the areas all over the yard.

Hopefully this product will do the trick help me keep my Lake LBJ Real Estate in top condition. I will keep you updated on my findings in a few weeks. In the mean time if you have questions about this product or Lake LBJ Real Estate, contact me at (512) 786-1515

Got water?

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shot taken near Kingsland that shows an abundance of water and greenery on Lake LBJ

I read an article today in the Statesman about the water levels at Lake Travis and Lake Buchanan stating that Lake Travis is at 634.64 feet above mean sea level, about 30 feet below its historic September average and Lake Buchanan is at 993.75 feet above mean sea level, or about 17 feet below its historic September average.

Buying a Lake House is about having access and views of water……right? When making an investment in real estate you must understand the scarce resource that drives the value of the property (ie- proximity to water, lake view vs lake access vs lakefront). If a factor in that decision is the water and the ability to see it and use it, then shouldn’t you be looking for a lot of water with levels that remain constant?

Lake LBJ is part of the Highland Lakes System and is designated as a constant level lake. This means that the water levels are regulated and kept at certain levels at all times. From a property owner’s standpoint this means, lower risk of ownership, upside as surrounding lakes lose water, less risk of flooding, and of course the ability to walk out of your yard and bend down and touch the water. Lakes that are not constant level have restrictions that require homes to be built further back form the water because it can go down but it can also go up and flood. Flood insurance is typically more expensive in areas with higher volatility. There is a clear advantage that Lake LBJ real estate has over other markets.

When considering the purchase of Lake LBJ real estate you must educate yourself to make a sound investment. Working with a knowledgeable real estate professional is an essential component and a great way to mitigate risk associated with Lake LBJ real estate or any waterfront property for that matter.

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Do you own your waterfront?

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picture of a waterfront lot line on Lake LBJ


There is a lot of recent discussion about “fill property” when talking about Lake LBJ Real Estate. “Fill property” is a portion of a property that came into existence when the bulk head or retaining wall was constructed. Because the boundary of the original platted lot and the boundary of the retaining wall are different, “fill property” exists.

Most real estate professionals representing buyers are advising their clients to require fill property to be acquired at the time of purchase. For many property owners this has already been acquired, but for some this is not the case. Because their are different owners of this “fill property” property owners are being forced to purchase this property from its owner.

For example, the city of Granite Shoals offers two methods of valuing this property for purchase:

1) The first is to take the county appraised value of the land as a $/sq. ft. amount and multiply it by the amount of fill property that exists. As you can imagine this means that you will pay for waterfront land prices to buy this “fill property”

2) The second is to hire an independent appraiser to assess the value of the fill and determine its associated value

As you can imagine, Lake LBJ real estate owners are upset that they even have to pay for this property but there is so much discrepancy as to the actual value placed on this “fill property”.

As your Lake LBJ real estate pro I have made it a priority to go out and research “fill property” so that I can be better informed and allow my clients to leverage my knowledge for their benefit. As soon as I know more about the pros and cons of owning fill property, the legality of “fill property’ and the risks associated with not owning the fill property I will provide an update.

Should you have any questions about Lake LBJ real estate or need assistance with your Lake LBJ home search contact me today!

Mind and Body Need “Sol”

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The Carvajal Group recently ran 3 ads in the Austin Fit Magazine, September’s Issue. As a real estate marketing firm we believe that the best way to market Lake LBJ real estate is by targeting markets that have stable jobs and even growth as a place where second home buyers exist. Rather than sticking our properties on Lake LBJ in MLS and waiting for them to sell, we believe that we need to go out and find the buyers for these homes.

Below is one of the ads we placed in their latest issue. We hope you like it! If you need assistance buying or selling Lake LBJ real estate, you know who to call!

Ad placed in Austin Fit Magazine to obtain buyers of Lake LBJ real estate


Is it hot? Or is it just me?

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Great shot from the balcony of a wonderful Lake LBJ investment opportunity

Is the real estate market on Lake LBJ hot, or is it just me? A fellow colleague told me I was lucky to have an offer in “this market” and I am just not sure what “market” he was referring too?

With interest rates remaining constant at historically low levels the opportunity to purchase waterfront property on Lake LBJ has never been better. With the summer coming to a close, many sellers start getting desperate so properties that have been on the market for some time become great opportunities. While a seller may have been firm on their price in the beginning, that firmness may have lightened up as their patience slowly fades.

I also believe that the upcoming election is definitely affecting Lake LBJ real estate. During election years, especially such a pivotal one as the US economy looks for recovery, many investors sit on the sidelines and hold on to their money. Even though, in my opinion, the economy is at its lowest and is rebounding this stagnant behavior from investors creates an even greater opportunity for Lake LBJ real estate. Active buyers can not only pick up a property at very low interest rate but because there are many buyers holding out, the opportunity to steal a waterfront home on Lake LBJ is very likely.

Right now I am working with numerous buyers of waterfront and I feel that without a question the market is improving and has already improved since this time last year. So if you are even considering the purchase of Lake LBJ real estate, make your move now. Waiting for the economy to stable out (which we all know it eventually will) will cost you money and the opportunity may no longer exist.

Give me a call today and let me share my passion for Lake LBJ real estate with you. I will gladly give you my honest opinion of the market and share a few Lake LBJ real estate opportunities. You can also search our website and view 500+ properties for sale on Lake LBJ.

Lake LBJ Real Estate – Granite Shoals Remodel

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Great property on lake LBJ at 2814 Lakeview

Very rarely do opportunities like this come available with Lake LBJ Real Estate. Few waterfront properties on Lake LBJ like this exist and they rarely, if ever, come available for sale. With rising prices on Lake LBJ, this property is an excellent investment opportunity for the right waterfront buyer.

Quick Stats:

  • 3 bed, 2 bath main house- 2nd floor – 1320 Sq. ft.
  • 2 bed, 1 bath apartment -1st floor – 660 sq. ft.
  • 144 feet of South Facing Water on Lake LBJ
  • .38 acre lot in Granite Shoals

Best opportunity on Lake LBJ………..

2814 Lakeview is the best opportunity I have found on Lake LBJ in the last few years. With 144 feet of the best waterfront available on Lake LBJ, this property is hard to beat. The south west facing property stares right at the most expensive property on the lake and is perfectly shaded by the beautiful oak trees that create a bio-dome that is inhabited by beautiful species of plant life, while blocking the western sun. This home was built in 1982 and has been occupied by the original owner who built the home for his family. As you can imagine the home is in very good condition structurally but is outdated and in need of a creative eye. The fact that the property does need some updating is being factored into the extremely aggressive price.

wonderful landscape on the shores of Lake LBJ

This property could be purchased and immediately remodeled with an estimated cost of 100-150k. Once this property is complete, it would be worth 900k+ in today’s market. The second option would be for someone to purchase, clean up with some paint and carpet and use for a few years with a remodel later. Because the home is functional, it could serve as a great family lake house to the right buyer that could later invest more money to completely update the home and maximize its value.

The main house is a 3 bed, 2 bath very functional layout, with vaulted ceilings in the living room. Below is a 1 bedroom apartment that offers an additional living space with a bathroom, perfect for additional family and guests. The property also has a pass through garage that has two over head doors and can be accessed through the front and back of the home and offers a great opportunity for water toy storage or even a ping pong table.

Huge Views of the wide open water of Lake LBJ…..

2814 Lakeview has a wonderful wrap around porch on the second level and a roof top deck above the main boat house. As you can imagine, the views of Lake LBJ open water are incredible and as you can see the opportunities are endless.

This wonderful porch is perfect place to watch a Lake LBJ sunset

2814 Lakeview looks out into the wide open water and as you can see there is a large tract of undeveloped land, The Scarborough Ranch to the west and the most expensive property on Lake LBJ in Applehead Island directly across the main body. One must ask, why is there such a large discrepancy in value? The waterfront on this property is arguably the best on the lake!

great fishing pier on Lake LBJ

Its very rare that I find properties like this and I am so excited to market and sell this valuable piece of Lake LBJ Real Estate to the right buyer. 2814 Lakeview is special in every way imaginable. This property is not listed in the Highland Lakes MLS. If you have any questions or for assistance with your Lake LBJ Real Estate search call me at (512) 786-1515


one of the best properties available on Lake LBJ





Opportunity on Lake LBJ

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waterfront investment opportunity on lake LBJ



Right now is a wonderful time to find your dream home and retirement investment on Lake LBJ. There are some good deals to be had for the right buyer, willing to do a little remodeling. In my opinion, buyers should always looking to get the best piece of waterfront property available in their price range. The waterfront on lake LBJ is the scarce resource and the home can always be updated or torn down. Bad waterfront on Lake LBJ will always be bad waterfront on Lake LBJ.



great waterfront property on Lake LBJ



I like to guide my clients to purchase older properties, maybe with older owners looking to move back into the city for better health care services. Typically older property owners take better care of the property and often times update the big ticket items like air conditioners and roofs. 9 times out 10 their properties are simply in need of a cosmetic remodel.



Great remodel opportunity in Lake LBJ Real Estate



In area like Granite Shoals, many of these properties exist. You need to hire an agent like me that will go knock on doors and “beat the streets” to find you the perfect home. Just cause it is not on the market does not mean it cant be bought for a price. Give me a call at (512) 786-1515 if you would like to explore some investment opportunities on Lake LBJ or to learn more about Lake LBJ Real Estate.

Algae on Lake LBJ?

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Beautiful picture of wildlife sanctuary on lake LBJ


I beg to differ! On Tuesday, KVUE news out of Austin ran a story about Lake LBJ having a problem with Algae. A local source told me about the story so I tuned in to watch. Interestingly enough the story was pretty bad and had no facts about any increase in Algae. They interviewed two people in the ad, one of which was a fisherwoman that said she occasionally gets her hooks stuck in the algae and another that works at the local marina who said there have been some people (not a lot or many) that get Algae stuck in their motor.

Being that I am out on Lake LBJ every single week scoping out real estate and/or enjoying what Lake LBJ has to offer, I believe I have a right to have my opinion heard. The ad made no mention of any affect on wildlife and in fact, Lake LBJ is as beautiful as ever. Because central Texas has received more rain than last year the lake looks very green. Yes the hot summer causes some weeds and plants to grow in the water but we, by no means have a problem on Lake LBJ.

In fact, the market for Lake LBJ Real Estate is booming and there are some incredible deals to be had on the water. These properties are moving quickly and not lasting long on the market when they are priced right. Areas like Granite Shoals have some of the best properties available and these properties can be bought at the right price.

If you are looking to make an investment in Lake LBJ Real Estate, contact me at (512) 786-1515 and let Lake LBJ’s top broker show you around!