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Blue Lake Real Estate

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Many of you may have heard that Blue Lake is arguably one of the best spots on Lake LBJ. With beautiful oak scattered lots, lush green grass and a Horseshoe Bay address its hard to find a better place to own a waterfront home on Lake LBJ. Blue Lake is situated about 45 minutes west of Austin and is the closest part of Lake LBJ to both Austin and San Antonio. The quaint 9 hole golf course situated in the center of Blue Lake Estates is considered one of Texas’ best kept secrets.

Blue Lake Estates is one of the more expensive parts of Lake LBJ but worth every penny. There is a very high proportion of $1million plus properties in Blue Lake further proving its draw and value. That being said, Blue Lake real estate can be hard to find as many properties stay in families for generation after generation and new listings get snatched up pretty quickly. If you are searching for waterfront homes in Blue Lake Estates, you will need to work with a market expert that knows the area and has a means, other than MLS, to find available properties.

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PreMLS: Lake LBJ 2 bed, 2 bath on excellent water

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Front 1

If you are looking to invest in Lake LBJ Real Estate, I have the perfect opportunity for you! 1908 Lakecrest is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath with 90 ft of waterfront on Lake LBJ. This well built and recently updated home offers plenty of living space and can sleep the entire family on constant level, Lake LBJ. Sitting on approx. 1/2 acre with 90 ft of beautiful waterfront facing out at the Scarborough Ranch and Beaver Island, this rare find offers an incredible value at a attractive price point with plenty of upside. The home has a steel and concrete, 2 stall boat house with electric lifts and wave runner ramps. The large boat house also has a large outdoor living area with plenty of room for a warm fire overlooking one of Lake LBJ’s best waterfront spots.

Lake LBJ Real Estate

Lake 1

If you are in the market for a waterfront home on Lake LBJ, look no further! 1908 Lakecrest is the perfect value at $535k and will not last long. This property is not yet listed in MLS but will be soon (if it does not sell before then). Contact me at (512) 786-1515 to schedule a private showing or to learn more about waterfront homes in Granite Shoals! #preMLS

Work with an Lake LBJ Market Expert

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Must ask questions when buying a waterfront home on Lake LBJ

When purchasing real estate in any market, it’s very important to work with a local expert that has recent experience and is actively selling property. You have worked hard for your money and you want to be sure that you invest that money wisely. Each market is different and with so much changing daily in this booming Texas economy, your local expert will help you minimize the risk while making a smart purchase.

Lake LBJ real estate is no different –special and careful attention should be given to the waterfront real estate search process. Lake LBJ is a unique lake in an equally unique part of Texas and with it come intricacies that only a true Market Expert would be able to properly advise clients on. These intricacies affect resale value, liquidity and utility and buyers need to be educated on these details so they can make a sound investment in a property that provides lasting enjoyment. When buying waterfront homes on Lake LBJ, if a budget exist a buyer must make trade-offs. Finding the perfect balance between sacrifice and benefit is the key to a sound purchase.

Must Ask Question #1: Which way does the property face?

Summers in Texas are hot! Real hot! And there is never a shortage of sun in a place like Lake LBJ. Waterfront homes that face into the sun (the lake side) and do not have adequate shade can be very uncomfortable and often times a disappointment. A local expert can point out which way the sun faces and how it will affect the use of the property. If the afternoon sun is directly beating onto the property, this could not only hinder your outdoor enjoyment but will also make it difficult to keep interior living areas cool during afternoon hours. These homes are hard to resell. However, direct sun is not always a deal breaker. Good tree coverage or homes designed around the sun could be worth considering and if you are able to make one work, you can be sure the hill country sunset views will be magical.

Must Ask Question #2: What is the water like?

On Lake LBJ there is open waterfront, cove waterfront and channel waterfront, each of which are very different. You also have main body- the Colorado arm and the Llano arm- which offer very unique settings along with pros and cons. Most buyers are initially looking for open water as it typically has the best views. However, a deeper understanding will prove that open waterfront is typically associated with rougher water. Practically speaking, large cove waterfront could be your best bet as it offers ideal boating conditions and excellent swimming. Channel waterfront is hard to invest in as it is generally seen as the least desirable waterfront type and most buyers will not even consider it. There are some very nice homes built along the channels on LBJ but many of them sit on the market for more than a year because of the poor waterfront. Understanding the value of the actual waterfront lot is a great place to start.

Must Ask Question #3: What is the water bottom like?

Another important aspect of waterfront is the lake bottom. Many buyers never know what their feet will find beneath the water before they buy a home. In fact, most are so excited about the house they do not even know that they should examine the lake bottom. Let me offer some expert advice: No one likes a slimy lake bottom. The ideal waterfront is deep with some type of granite or sand bottom. A very relevant issue on Lake LBJ is milfoil. This weed-like species is very prevalent and thriving on Lake LBJ’s bottom due to warmer water temperatures and the recent drought conditions preventing LCRA from lowering the lake for temporary cleaning. Milfoil can be a big problem with waterfront property as it is invasive and grows rapidly. If not treated and managed, it will overtake your waterfront and be a problem for years to come. Some crevices, inlets and small coves tend to collect trash and debris because of the natural currents that push and hold this debris in particular spots. Properties with this problem will always have this problem and it’s rare that it can be treated or altered. At Lake LBJ, the scarce resource is the actual waterfront property and understanding the ins and outs is dire.


Along with these more obvious traits surrounding waterfront properties there are many other smaller but sometimes equally important peculiarities that only a market expert can properly advise you on. Issues like LCRA required septic inspections, fill property/survey issues and flood plain classification can all be very expensive hurdles to overcome. Boat house condition is also something that needs to be evaluated in order to determine market value. A new boat house can cost anywhere from $50k – $250k and determining if a specific property will need a new boat house is critical. Boat houses made of steel and concrete are much more durable and last longer than those made of wood as typically seen in older properties. Understanding potential liabilities and needed repairs on the front end will save any buyer a substantial amount of money.

Buying property on Lake LBJ is a very exciting process and emotions often run high. Hiring and working with a true market expert will help safeguard your experience-to ensure one’s emotions do not get the best of them and that properties of interest are properly evaluated. It’s not uncommon to see the good properties stay in families for generation after generation but the bad ones are likely to cycle through the market. Do your homework and hire the right professional to assist you in finding your dream home on Lake LBJ. Invest wisely!

For more Must Ask Questions concerning Lake LBJ Real Estate, contact your LBJ Market Expert at (512) 786-1515

Why Waterfront lots on LBJ may be the best move

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Inventory is extremely low at Lake LBJ and most buyers want to walk in to the finished product and lack the desire and vision to build. For this reason, waterfront lots on Lake LBJ are often times a very good move, especially in a low inventory market. Waterfront lots on Lake LBJ tend to sit on the market longer than single family homes and typically we find that they can often be purchased at a nice discount making them a very attractive investment option.

When searching for waterfront lots on Lake LBJ one should always consider the current cost of construction as well as the cost to build a new boat house. Many people will factor the $/sq. ft of the house they want to build but forget to add $50k-100k for the boat house. Other things to consider when looking at Lake LBJ Lots are: 1) direction the lot faces 2) topography of the lot 3) location of the lot 4) # of trees on the lot

Working with an Lake LBJ market expert is the key to successful investment on LBJ. Whether you are looking to buy or sale, working with an experienced broker that is active in the current market will help you make sound investment decisions while searching for waterfront lots on Lake LBJ. Contact me today and let me assist you in finding your dream piece of Lake LBJ Real Estate.

Be Patient, Be Ready!

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Current market conditions surrounding waterfront homes on Lake LBJ can be very frustrating. With that frustration comes an emotional panic that many people experience as they want to move on something quickly out of fear they will miss out. I have been selling real estate for 12 years and I can assure you that more properties always become available. My advice to any buyer of Lake LBJ Real Estate is simple: Stay Patient and be ready to act quickly.

Just because recent waterfront homes on Lake LBJ may have had multiple offers or sold before you had a chance to look, do not panic. Be patient and allow your Lake LBJ market expert to do his job. I am busy, scouting the market, turning over stones and doing everything I know how to find good Lake LBJ real estate. Any buyer that chooses to work with me needs to have patience and trust that I will find them their dream home; but I need time.

The other important piece its to be ready. When I say ready, I mean ready to pull the trigger when that good property comes available. If you are serious about buying a waterfront home on Lake LBJ then be ready to come up on short notice and have a look. Get pre-qualified or have your cash readily available to make a move. There is a natural lag in the amount of time it takes for people to come from out of town to see new waterfront listings on Lake LBJ. That lag can be an advantage if one can act quickly.

If you are looking for Lake LBJ real estate or want to start your search for waterfront homes on Lake LBJ, contact me today at (512) 786-1515. I am your #LBJMarketExpert


Waterfront Lots on Lake LBJ

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Many buyers on Lake LBJ want the instant gratification that comes with buying an existing house on LBJ. The decision to buy Lake LBJ real estate if often an impulse buy, but for those with patience, there are some great opportunities. Buying a waterfront lot and building your dream home can be a great move on Lake LBJ.

Most of the homes you find in neighborhoods like Granite Shoals, Highland Haven, Blue Lake and Sunrise Beach are typically older built homes without some of the perks of a new home. High ceilings , energy efficiencies and contemporary floor plans are just a few reasons why buying a waterfront lot on Lake LBJ and building can be an excellent move. The simple fact that most people prefer to buy something existing, means that lots typically trade at more opportune pricing as the demand is lower. With waterfront lots on Lake LBJ, days on market is typically longer and there is often times some excellent opportunities as prices are dropped. New construction trades at a premium and are in high demand so resale value is typically much higher on a new construction home.

Lots with existing, newly built boat houses can be a great purchase as some of the costs associated with building new are already taken care of. Before building, be sure to consult the Lake LBJ expert for assistance finding waterfront lots on Lake LBJ. Contact me today at (512) 786-1515

Pocket Listing in Granite Shoals, Waterfront!

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If you are looking for Lake LBJ Real Estate, I have a pocket listing that is available in Granite Shoals. This property is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath house on 90 ft of cove water that looks out to the open water. The home is move in ready, and very well kept with recent HVAC. The property has a large fenced in yard area with plenty of room to spread out. You will also find a newly built, 2 stall boat house with plenty of outdoor living space.

My favorite part about this property is the price which is 535k. At this price, you would almost be paying lot price but getting a great 2 bedroom house and a boat dock that would cost 100k to build new today. Use this wonderful Granite Shoals waterfront home now and build your dream home later!

Waterfront property on Lake LBJ like this is hard to come by so do not waste another minute, call me at (512) 786-1515 and let me find your dream piece of Lake LBJ Real Estate.

Eric Carvajal

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End of Summer: Time to act!

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If you have ever considered purchasing Lake LBJ Real Estate, the time to act is now! Typically we see the summer as our most busy time of the year selling waterfront property on Lake LBJ. This truth was magnified even more this summer as Lake LBJ Real Estate continues to boom. Low interest rates, rising cost of construction and a healthy economy have all contributed to this very strong real estate market at Lake LBJ.

That being said, because the market was so strong this summer many sellers start panicking as action and showings dips off. Many families are busy with the new school year, football season is in full swing and the need to get back to work can be felt by all. Even though the market will likely only see a small seasonal dip, there may be some good opportunity to pick off some low hanging fruit at Lake LBJ.

We are seeing properties staying on the market for more days than they were at the beginning of the summer and in this market many days on the market could mean something is not right. Get with your mortgage broker or financial advisor, round up your funds and set your budget. Give me a call today and let’s make some offers on some Lake LBJ Real Estate and take advantage of this excellent opportunity in a booming Lake LBJ Real Estate market!

I am your LBJ Waterfront expert and when making a large investment you want to work with a local real estate pro! Give me a call and let me further assist you in your LBJ Real Estate Search.

A Narrowing Window of Opportunity on Lake LBJ

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This summer has been one to remember for Lake LBJ real estate and there are no signs that the market will be slowing down any time soon. Inventory levels are low, demand is high and prices are on the rise for Lake LBJ real estate. If you have ever considered owning a waterfront home on the lake, you might want to make a move before these properties become unattainable.

So what is causing the real estate boom at Lake LBJ?

First off, when you consider that every major city in Texas has exploded in growth and population since the downturn you might understand just why Lake LBJ real estate is so hot. This one-of-a-kind vacation destination is considered one of the most beautiful getaways Texas has to offer so it’s no surprise that more people in Texas means more people desiring Lake LBJ. It also seems that post economic downturn many families are choosing to vacation closer to home and Lake LBJ is an ideal spot for just that!


You may have also noticed that the Texas economy has not only recovered but is experiencing tremendous growth. Energy and Technology are leading the charge for Texas’ record-setting job growth, which has naturally spilled over into the real estate and construction sectors. This healthy economic environment means more people have more money to invest in real estate, also contributing to the increase in demand for Lake LBJ real estate.

Rising fuel prices are also playing a vital role in this real estate boom at Lake LBJ. If you recall, $4 per gallon was considered an absurd price for fuel but now it has become a new standard. According to consumer energy reports, the price of fuel (per gallon) increased from $1.03 in 1998 to $3.53 in 2011, an almost 343% increase in 13 years. Because fuel is our primary source of energy, the increase in price is reflected in the price of nearly every product we buy, including construction materials and processes. Because the cost of construction has increased greatly, the price of real estate has naturally increased as well, as replacement cost alone is much higher today than it has ever been. Many homes at Lake LBJ can still be purchased at less than what they would cost you to build today, but not for long.

lake lbj

The drought in Texas is also playing a significant role in the current Lake LBJ real estate market. With other Texas lakes, like Lake Buchanan and Lake Travis approaching all-time low water levels, the demand for waterfront property on a more stable body of water has become increasingly more important. Property owners on the lakes that have been negatively effected by the drought are learning first-hand about the importance of a constant level body of water. Buyers across Texas have heard the horror stories of homes that were once waterfront now being bone dry and nearly impossible to sell. With the completion of the new power plant on Lake LBJ, the water levels on Lake LBJ have never been more protected, even in harsh drought conditions.

Lake LBJ is one of the most beautiful bodies of water in Texas and an ideal location for fun in the sun. The picturesque Texas Hill Country provides a surreal backdrop for this large body of water-6,534 acres to be exact- where fun for the whole family is abundant. Lake LBJ is perfectly situated in central Texas with good proximity to major Texas cities such as Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin and with one of the nation’s largest private airports, the area can be easily accessed from anywhere. Multiple, first-class golf courses draw a nice crowd and with the completion of the new Scott and White Hospital in Marble Falls, the area is destined to become the primary place of residence for many.


It is no secret that Lake LBJ is one of the finest bodies of water in Texas and with so many positive influences impacting the demand for area real estate, the Lake LBJ boom is no surprise. Prices are on the rise and demand increasing. If you have ever considered owning a piece of waterfront property on Lake LBJ, it may be time to make your move.

For more information on Lake LBJ Real Estate, contact me today at (512) 786-1515

Waterfront Bungalow in Sunrise Beach – $479k

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You have to see this one! 218 Lakeview has just gone live in MLS and we do not expect this Sunrise Beach real estate to last long. The property is a 2 bedroom 1 bath with many recent updates/repairs getting it ready for the perfect buyer. The home offers a large open kitchen and living area with big windows capturing the picturesque view. With 75 feet of large cove waterfront and an updated septic system which would allow for 3 bedrooms, 2500 sq. ft., one could easily use this property for a few summers and build your dream home later! Existing boat house with electric lift is in very good shape and big trees in the yard provide an abundance of shade. Sandy bottom makes for perfect swimming!

If you or anyone you know would like to schedule a showing or if you are interested in learning more about Sunrise Beach Real Estate, contact me today at (512) 786-1515