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Two Boat Slips are Better than One

Posted by in Buyer Representation, Lake LBJ Real Estate on Feb 6, 2024

When buying a property on Lake LBJ it is very important to consider the waterfront improvements, specifically the boat dock, which often times gets overlooked.  A new dock can cost anywhere between 75k to $200k plus but I have had clients spend more than $1 million construct a dock on Lake LBJ.  Because boat docks are not cheap, it is very important to consider the existing dock, if one does exist, and what it would need to accommodate modern day boats.  Personally I like to see boat docks with two boat slips and here is why:

1) Everyone likes toys and room for additional toys.   Having two slips gives you the flexibility to add a boat in the future and often times I see clients convert existing boat slips into waverunner or even kayak / canoe storage.

2) If you plan to rent your property out its always nice to have a place to store your boat while leaving a slip open for your tenants. Properties that have a boat slip for guests will rent at a premium over those that do not and this will also increase occupancy rates.

3) Guest parking – do you have friends with a house on Lake LBJ?  Having a spot for your friends and guests to pull up by boat enhances Lake Life tremendously. Tying boats up on the side of the dock can be problematic and damaging to the boat, specifically on busy lake days.

4) Rental income – how about the idea of renting out a free space to a friend?  Boat slips are in extremely high demand and even the marinas are full.  Having an available boat slip on Lake LBJ could be a valuable cash flow to help offset some of your holding costs.

5) Resale value – When it comes time to sell your waterfront home on Lake LBJ, a second boat slip will help you stand out.  For the reasons I posted above buyers like extra space and parking for toys.  Just like a bigger home, a bigger dock is more valuable in the open market, especially if it is built right and well maintained.


If you are in the market for waterfront property on Lake LBJ I highly encourage you to engage a local expert that knows the lake, understands the market and that will work hard to help you find the right spot. There are so many ins and outs to lakefront ownership, and you need someone to help you navigate through the process.  If I can help you buy, sell or own waterfront property on Lake LBJ please reach out at (512) 786-1515.  Thanks for reading!

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