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Should the water be released?

Posted by in Everything Else, Lake LBJ Real Estate, Resources on Jan 7, 2013

If you own Lake LBJ real estate or are thinking about purchasing waterfront property on Lake LBJ, here is some information you may be interested in. As you may know, the water in Lake LBJ is usually released down stream providing an opportune time for waterfront property owners on Lake LBJ to clean their boat docks and the area around their waterfront homes.

Last year, the LCRA Board voted to not release the water downstream based upon the health and safety needs of the people that live in the Highland Lakes area. That same board voted to allow the water to be released possibly causing surrounding lake levels to decrease. As you know we had no appreciable rainfall or increase in lake levels which raises the question as to why the “go ahead” to release. In fact, the only directors to vote against the release are those that live in the area and actually understand the implications of such action. The Board’s recommendation will be presented to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for final approval.

If you have an opinion on this we recommend you write an email to the Executive Director voicing your opinion. Below is his contact information. I would love to see some comments from anyone that has an opinion as I know there can be pros and cons to both sides.

Zac Covar is the Executive Director of the TCEQ and can be reached via email at zacdotcovarattceqdotstatedottxdotusdot  (zacdotcovarattceqdotstatedottxdotus)  

As your Lake LBJ real estate specialist I try and keep my readers informed of issues pertinent to the market and the waterfront property at Lake LBJ. If you have questions or concerns or for assistance with your Lake LBJ real estate search contact me today at (512) 786-1515.



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