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Peeling back the layers of septic inspections near Lake LBJ

Posted by in Lake LBJ Real Estate, LCRA septic inspection on Jan 24, 2023

If you are a Lake LBJ waterfront owner- septic knowledge is important. Important while you enjoy your home and even more important at the time of sale. Always make sure your Realtor reaches out to the LCRA and requests re -inspection paperwork prior to listing the home on the open market. This paperwork is vital for several reasons. This paperwork will disclose the last time LCRA performed an inspection, who the owner of record is per LCRA, tank and drain field preparation items to be completed prior to scheduling inspection. At this time, a diagram is provided of the property to show where the septic tank(s) are located, drain fields etc. Very important information that I find serious prospective buyers will ask AND a third-party septic inspection company will need in order to locate the tank cover. Knowing what the house is rated for is imperative to make sure the size of the septic system is sufficient for the number of beds in the home.

If the current homeowner is not the owner on LCRA paperwork; form 1100 is required to be filled out which is also known as a continued use application. This just means the paperwork was not submitted to the LCRA at the time the homeowner purchased the home. Not a huge deal, just additional paperwork.

Next, is the reinspection application. With this, you will need the house floor plan. Does not need to be to scale but will need to include all rooms (kitchen, living room, flex room etc), bathrooms and closets. In this sketch make sure you include the address of the home, number of bedrooms/ baths and heated/cooled square footage of dwelling.  If the house is not actively in the MLS for sale, you will need to provide a letter providing the number of bedrooms. If you have it listed for sale, you can provide the MLS listing.

If you have an aerobic treatment system- requires an O & M contract, you will need to provide this contract as well. Operation and Maintenance contract is when a third party septic company does inspections to ensure the septic is in good working order. If your system requires a maintenance contract and you do not have one in place you will not be able to call in for inspection.  I have found it can take 10-15 business days to set a company up, pay a fee and have them do their own inspection, write a report and submit it to LCRA.

Once this is complete, you will submit it online to LCRA. LCRA will then review and if all looks good, will send you an email asking for you to remit the application fee of $150.00. Once that is paid you will send the checklist provided to you by LCRA to a third party septic company that is well versed in septic inspections. They will prep the system/drainfield as outlined on LCRA checklist and call in for inspection.

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