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Lake Levels down 4 ft for maintenance

Posted by in Lake LBJ Real Estate, LCRA, waterfront homes on Lake LBJ on Jan 24, 2017


If you own a piece of Lake LBJ Real Estate hopefully you are aware that the lake is down approximately 4 ft.  The LCRA manually lowers the lake every so often to allow for boat dock maintenance and lake bottom cleaning which is a great benefit of own on Lake LBJ.  As a Lake LBJ Property owner you know that the vegetation on the lake can be very problematic and because of the recent drought and the fact that the LCRA has not lowered the lake in many years this was a much needed event.  The lake will be down for a few more weeks and if you have not already I strongly recommending spending some time or hiring some help to get that lake bottom cleaned.  This is also a great time to check for any needed repair to your dock or the piers that hold it up.

When buying a piece of Lake LBJ Real Estate its good to see the lake bottom when possible to understand just what you are buying.  The waterfront on Lake LBJ is the scarce resource so the more information you can have about your lake bottom the better.

If you or someone you know is considering a purchase or sale of Lake LBJ Real Estate, contact me today at (512) 786-1515 for more information.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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