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Is Open Water the Obvious Choice?

Posted by in Buyer Representation, Lake LBJ Real Estate, waterfront property on Lake LBJ on May 6, 2024


Open water may seem like the obvious choice and I completely understand why but as with everything, no property or waterfront type is perfect.  Understanding the cons of open water will, at minimum, help you make an informed purchase decision on Lake LBJ. Here are a few things you may want to know before you buy:

Open water on Lake LBJ can be very rough.  This makes parking a boat or pulling out of your dock a challenge and sometimes even dangerous

Would floating on a float or raft in front of your property be of interest to you? On a busy weekend this would be nearly impossible if not completely out of the question if you are on open water. The boat wakes and waves would really throw you around

Open water comes with a lot of noise put out by boats and jet skis.  Because its open water this means that watercraft will pass by at high rates of speed and when they are doing so their engines are revved putting out quite a bit of sound.  Try having a quiet conversation over the noise or taking a peaceful nap in the hammock.

Is fishing important to you?  If so you need to make sure you understand that fishing off the dock on the open water can be a bit of a challenge and likely an unsuccessful endeavor on most busy days.  The water is just too rough and the boat traffic is to great to successfully cast a line out into the lake.

Lastly, many people have friends with houses on the lake and the idea of them pulling up by boat and parking out front seems like a fairy tale. The truth is on open water this is nearly impossible unless you have a second slip available, that is sized properly for their boat. Most properties don’t have this capability.

I like open water and do not believe its all bad but understand the ins and outs will ensure that you are well informed before making your decision. An experienced broker, with experience on the water, living and selling waterfronts can help you sift through the junk to find the gold on Lake LBJ.  Reach out to start a conversation and lets make the best of your pursuit of Lake LBJ Real Estate!



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