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Four Tips for Lake LBJ Real Estate

Posted by in Kingsland, Resources on Jul 18, 2012

Aerial photo of Lake LBJ

Here are four very important Tips to consider when buying waterfront property on Lake LBJ:

1) Waterfront footage – How much footage does the property have and what is the depth of the lot? Many people invest in Lake LBJ real estate without regard to how close their neighbors are on each side. On the water, sound travels so noise your neighbors make carries and can be a disturbance. You also are investing for a place that you can relax and have privacy and peace. The party your neighbors are throwing on the weekend does not help your cause.

2) Direction of property – Which way does your waterfront home on Lake LBJ face? The afternoon sun can be pretty extreme and without proper shade cover this can really be a downer. Make sure you visit the property you are considering multiple times and at different times of the day to understand what you are working with.

3) Ground beneath the water – What is the consistency or composition of the ground below? This is a very important consideration that is often missed. Lake LBJ has different bottoms in different areas. Whether its granite, sand, mud, slime or weeds, its important to know what you will be touching each time you take a dip to cool off. Slimy ground cover beneath the Lake can be pretty uncomfortable for most people. Obviously the best would be sand and second rock/granite.

4) Distance from structure to water – Do you have a yard and if so, how big is it? Many waterfront homes on Lake LBJ are built right up to the water while others are set far back away from the lake. This has a lot to do with the flood plain and where one can actually construct a home but you should pay attention to this detail. If you are right on the water, is there a place for the grandkids to play or is it simply a concrete slab which starts at the house and ends at the water? Other properties, like in Kingsland, are set back farther to prevent flooding but offer big yards with lots of green grass. For most this is a huge plus but others will not want to trek just to arrive at the lake. Each buyer wants something different and none are worse than the other. Just pay close attention and take this into consideration when making your decision to buy Lake LBJ real estate.

If you have any questions about these four tips or for assistance buying or selling Lake LBJ Real Estate, contact me at (512) 786-1515.

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