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LCRA announces public safety actions for Lake LBJ

Feb. 14, 2019


The Lower Colorado River Authority on Thursday announced several significant actions to further enhance public safety on Lake LBJ following historic flooding last October.

The actions LCRA is implementing include:

  • Following the refill of the lake Feb. 24-27, LCRA crews will assess conditions and mark or, where possible, remove navigational hazards in the main body of the lake. Debris on the shoreline and on private property continues to be the responsibility of the property owner


  • LCRA will designate the entire lake a nighttime no-wake zone following the refill of the lake. By law, “nighttime” is defined as from 30 minutes after sundown to 30 minutes before sunrise. Violation of the no-wake requirement is a Class C misdemeanor. The nighttime no-wake speed limit will be in force until further notice.


  • LCRA will mark the river channel through Lake LBJ with buoys from the confluence of the Llano and Colorado rivers downstream to Wirtz Dam, a distance of about 12 miles. The markers will include solar-powered lights to guide boaters at night.


  • LCRA will post signs at public boat ramps alerting visitors to use extreme caution on the lake. LCRA also will offer free warning signs to marinas and local property owners associations with boat ramps.


  • Effective immediately, the public may report unmarked hazards to AskLCRAatlcradotorg  (AskLCRAatlcradotorg)  . The report should include a detailed description of the object and the location, and a photo, if possible. LCRA’s Water Surface Management team will investigate all reports and take appropriate action to address corroborated hazards.


  • LCRA will remove abandoned flood-damaged docks from the lake.


“We are taking these actions to further enhance public safety,” said Phil Wilson, LCRA general manager. “Anyone on the lake should use caution and their best judgment. This flood fundamentally altered the look, feel and topography of the Colorado River through the Highland Lakes. This is the nature of life on the river and is part of the river’s natural cycle.”


Lakes LBJ and Marble Falls are currently drawn down to allow property owners an opportunity to clean up debris and repair docks and other property damaged during last October’s flooding. The refill of Lake LBJ is scheduled to begin Sunday, Feb. 24, and conclude by the end of the day Wednesday, Feb. 27. The refill of Lake Marble Falls is scheduled to begin Monday, March 18, and conclude by the end of the day Thursday, March 21.


Lake LBJ refill now set to begin Feb. 24


Refill of Lake Marble Falls still scheduled to begin March 18


Feb. 7, 2019


In consultation with the Llano and Burnet county judges, the mayors of Horseshoe Bay, Marble Falls and other incorporated towns on lakes LBJ and Marble Falls, LCRA is today announcing an amended schedule for the current drawdown of Lake LBJ.

The refill of Lake LBJ now is scheduled to begin Feb. 24. The refill of Lake Marble Falls continues to be scheduled to begin March 18.

Last week, LCRA announced it was extending the drawdown timetable by three weeks – to March 18 – after local officials requested an extension. However, officials have since requested the timetable be shortened a bit on Lake LBJ.

“After further evaluating the timetable for the drawdown, elected officials on Lake LBJ have now informed us that shortening the drawdown to February 24 works better for their constituents,” said Phil Wilson, LCRA general manager. “LCRA is pleased to be responsive to our local elected officials, and at their request, we’ll begin refilling Lake LBJ on February 24.”

Public officials near Lake LBJ expressed appreciation for the change regarding the Lake LBJ timetable.

Llano County Judge Ron Cunningham said: “We are appreciative of LCRA collaborating with the 2018 flood-affected counties and cities to meet the needs of our citizens and businesses. There is no single schedule for lowering the rivers and lakes to meet everyone’s needs; however, the revised schedule for refilling Lake LBJ will allow our communities and businesses to restore operations, which will better serve our citizens and visitors to our communities.”

Burnet County Judge James Oakley said: “As always, Phil Wilson and his LCRA team have proven themselves to be responsive to the input of local elected officials and deliberate in their actions. I applaud this revised schedule for Lake LBJ.”

Horseshoe Bay Mayor Steve Jordan said: “After consulting with my constituents, I believe beginning the refill of Lake LBJ on February 24 is the right thing to do.”

Marble Falls Mayor John Packer said he is pleased Lake Marble Falls will continue to remain drawn down until mid-March.

“My constituents who own properties on the river appreciate that their work to repair their docks and remove debris will be allowed to continue to March 18,” Packer said. “We need this additional time and thank LCRA for being responsive to our request.”

LCRA lowered the lakes beginning Dec. 30 to provide lakeside property owners an opportunity to remove debris and repair docks, retaining walls and other items damaged during severe flooding last October.

The refill on Lake LBJ is scheduled to begin on Sunday, Feb. 24, and conclude by the end of the day on Wednesday, Feb. 27.

The refill on Lake Marble Falls is scheduled to begin on Monday, March 18, and conclude by the end of the day on Thursday, March 21.

For more information, visit

From: Jim Richardson
Subject: RE: Inquiry from Comm. Peter Jones-Llano co

We typically mark or remove hazards to navigation located in the main river channel.  We have been conducting reconnaissance while the lake is down, however, access to Lake LBJ is not available for our work boats. We cannot leave a work boat on the lake during the drawdown, as we have two workboats to cover the area from Lake Buchanan to Matagorda Bay.

We will mark the hazards we have become aware of during the lake drawdown if they fall within the criteria mentioned below.  Also, if your office received questions, complaints or inquiries about potential navigation hazards on the lake, please feel free to send them our way and we will investigate and communicate directly with those having a concern.  The contact in my department is Carroll Cowan, Supervisor, Navigation and Waterway Management.  His email address is href="carrolldotcowanatlcradotorg">carrolldotcowanatlcradotorg.  It is very helpful, but not necessary,  if photos and a map are included with the complaint.

Lake LBJ is a residential lake with most of its recreational users also being property owners.  All property owners are responsible for removing hazards from their own privately owned property.  LCRA has the same responsibility for property it owns.  One of the things that makes the Highland Lakes unique is that the majority of the land surrounding and beneath the water surface is privately owned.

Sometimes we do mark hazards in coves, but not typically.  If the cove is very large and the hazard is in an area where someone could be legally operating a watercraft at high speed, we may mark or remove these hazards.  It is important to note, no person may operate a  motorized watercraft on the Highland Lakes as a speed greater than the minimum speed necessary to maintain steerageway and headway with 50 feet of the shoreline, structures, swimmers or restricted areas.   This rule prohibits high speed boating in many of the coves on Lake LBJ, including the FM 1431 bridge. LCRA has maintained no wake buoys at the FM 1431 and Hwy 2900 bridges as a public service because the bridge supports fall under the 50 foot rule and it is common for bridge structures to routinely have submerged hazards to navigation. 

In addition, some of the larger coves have separate no wake areas in place.  For example, the City of Granite Shoals adopted a no wake area within its incorporated city limits with 200 feet of the shoreline. We do not mark hazards where watercraft are required to be operated at no wake speed.

In many areas, property owner associations have coordinated cleanup and debris removal efforts with their members. It may be helpful to contact their local property owner associations to find out if any coordinated efforts are underway.

Jim Richardson, Manager

Water Surface Management

Lower Colorado River Authority

(512) 730-6882




Additional lowering would hinder RM 2900 bridge replacement project

LLANO COUNTY – The Lower Colorado River Authority has temporarily lowered Lake LBJ about 4 feet to assist property owners in clearing debris and making repairs caused by massive floods last October. At the request of TxDOT, which is replacing the RM 2900 bridge washed away in the flooding, LCRA plans to maintain the current lake level the length of the drawdown and will not pursue a plan to potentially lower the lake a little further.

LCRA had planned to explore the possibility of lowering Lake LBJ an additional inch at a time, to a maximum of an additional foot, to determine if it could be lowered further without impacting the operations of the Ferguson Power Plant on the shores of Lake LBJ.

TxDOT has since requested the lake be maintained at its current lowered level of about 870.8 feet above mean sea level, saying a larger drawdown would hinder the ongoing work at the bridge.

“We are pleased to be able to assist TxDOT in this important project by maintaining the lake at a 4-foot drawdown,’’ said LCRA General Manager Phil Wilson. “Rebuilding the bridge as quickly and safely as possible is extremely important to everyone in the area. Though we had considered the potential of perhaps lowering the lake level a little more, it’s clear that keeping the lake level where it is now is the best solution to assist both TxDOT and property owners.’’

The RM 2900 bridge on the Llano River in Kingsland washed away during flooding on Oct. 16. The contractor is working around the clock to rebuild the bridge, with work expected to be complete in April.

“We greatly appreciate LCRA’s assistance in maintaining the lake at its current level to enable us to continue work on this priority project during the drawdown,” said Terry McCoy, TxDOT Austin district engineer.  “A lower level would slow us down and make it impossible to use some our construction barges as intended. The decision from LCRA to keep the level where it is now enables us to continue our work quickly and safely.”

LCRA is lowering lakes LBJ and Marble Falls to assist property owners in recovering from the recent flooding. Lake LBJ is drawn down about 4 feet and Lake Marble Falls is being lowered about 7 feet. Lake Marble Falls is expected to reach its full lowered level on Jan. 11-12.

The refill is scheduled to begin Feb. 24.

Unforeseen circumstances such as floods or power emergencies could prompt LCRA to change or cancel the drawdown. For more information, visit





Llano County update on the 2900 bridge and lake lowering


Lake LBJ Lake Lowering The Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) started to draw down Lake LBJ on January 2nd but due to recent rains the drawdown has been paused. Lake LBJ is down 2.3 feet at this time to a level of 822.15.  LCRA opened one floodgate at Tom Miller Dam which is expected to close at 6 am Tuesday January 8, 2019. When closed the drawdown will continue until  the 820 level  is reached, reducing the level by 4 feet and possibly slightly more. Due to this delay LCRA will keep Lake LBJ lowered 5 days longer than expected with a plan to raise the lake level starting February 24th completing February 28th depending on rains experienced during the lake draw down. 

During the period that the lake is lowered LCRA will mark navigation hazards in the navigable waterways of the Llano River and Lake LBJ.


2900 Bridge progress The contract to rebuild the 2900 bridge across the Llano River that was destroyed by the October 2018 flood was awarded by The Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT ) on November 5 2018 with a commitment to complete in 150 days to achieve an April 2019 opening to traffic. Today marks the 63rd day of this contract at a cost of $19,634,703.  As you would imagine when dealing with underwater construction the contractor has discovered issues not previously expected and is revising the construction approach. I called TXDOT today and was advised that construction is still on schedule.

A web cam has been set up to allow viewing of the bridge construction 24/7 and can be viewed at and click on bridge cam.


CR307 Slab Road  TXDOT advised that the CR307 slab low water crossing is open but it has been closed periodically depending upon the rains and amount of water running over the crossing. Anyone using this crossing should do so with care and to go slow since it is a long low water crossing and vehicles pass each other in the middle. As well parts of the crossing that have water flowing across can send up a lot of spray to other vehicles. TXDOT was asked to put up signs of this danger and to also indicated if the slab low water crossing is closed or open with signs at the Kingsland side and at Hwy 71/CR307.  The slab low water crossing has experienced some damage of concrete bumpers and has a crack in one section that TXDOT will repair when the water level lowers. TXDOT inspection confirms that the slab crossing is safe to cross when open but to do so with caution. As well CR307 is an open-range county road with livestock free to roam the road, so any who drive this road should slow down and look for livestock.


Peter Jones

Llano County Commissioner Pct 1

P.O. Box 8759

101 Ferguson Rd.

Horseshoe Bay

TX 78657

Email: href="commpct1atcodotllanodottxdotus">commpct1atcodotllanodottxdotus

Bus phn: 830-598-2296

Cell: 830-385-3292

Fax: 830-598-5231

Recommended Vendors and Contractors

Below is a growing list of resources/recommended vendors for those affected by the floods.  We encourage everyone to start with local contractors first.

If you or someone you know would like to be added to the list please email Mackenzieatcarvajalgroupdotcom

If you have a project and don’t know exactly what you need or where to start please give me a call/text with your address and I can go by and have a look and point you in the right direction – Eric Carvajal (512) 786-1515

Here is a link to tips from the Hill Country Builders Association on hiring contractors for flood cleanup

HCBA Tips on Hiring Contractors



Demolition and Muck out

Garrett Gray, Builder (***Local)

Interior demolition, trash out, clean up and rebuild



Neom Construction

Full service flood mitigation and rebuild

(512) 694-9273


Billy Kelly (*Local)

Debris removal, demolition, haul-away, smaller jobs



Honey Do Crew catastrophe management

Turn-key flood mitigation

(512) 516-2382


Rise Up Refuse

Demolition and clean up



Andrew Mattingly

Demolition and clean up



Cleaning (Interior)

Vicky’s Cleaning Service  (*Local)
We can help with interior house cleaning


La-Ti-Da/The Rug Queen (*Local)



Esmeralda Esparza



Bill Foulds, Deep Eddy Rug Cleaners



Cleaning (Exterior)

Clear View (*Local)

Window Cleaning/Power Washing

(830) 265-9187


Boat Beautiful Mobile Detail (*Local)

Exterior Power washing and boat cleaning/detailing

Andrew Hayslip



Heavy Equipment Contractors

BW Construction – Bill Wier (*Local)

Heavy equipment contractor, excavation

(830) 220-0312

Brandon Guthrie

Heavy equipment/contractor



Judd Osborn (*Local)

Debris removal and skidsteer services. Excavator equipped ability to dredge and clean boat slips.



General Contractors

Garrett Gray, Builder (*Local)

Full service General Contractor – flood mitigation, boat dock repair/rebuild, new construction, remodel, rebuild



Double T Builders -Tom Slavin (*Local)

Builder/General Contractor

(325) 388-4822


Neom Construction

Full service flood mitigation and rebuild

(512) 694-9273


Ryan Guthrie

General Contractor



Rudy Gilleland



MS Marshall Construction LLC




Fresh Coat – Sarah Ross (*Local)

Painting and minor sheet rock repair

(512) 787-2379


Boat Towing

Judd Osborn –  (*Local)



Marshall Marine – Large and small jobs (*Local)

**Crane Truck available

(325) 270-0260


Sunrise Beach Marine Service -Floating Watercraft (*Local)


Eric Hibler

830-385-1032 (cell)


830-798-4150 (cell)


Chapman Docks (Large and small jobs)

(325) 388-6545


KT Waterfront  (Large and Small Jobs)

(512) 588-0655


Bay Marine

(830) 598-8763



Lost & Found Watercraft

VIN Lookup – Texas Parks and Wildlife


Facebook group – “Lost Boats on LBJ”


Lost & Found – Other Items

Facebook group – Highland Lakes 2018 Flood Lost and Found





G. Gray Services

Garret Gray

(512) 809-8753


Double T Builders (Tom)

(325) 388-4822


Showcase Builder

Ryan Haberer

(512) 745-7241


H3 Construction – John Hamilton



Hallmark Mitigation and Construction



Lake LBJ Boat Towing & cleanup




Repair Services

Kevin Judd, Personal watercraft repair and recovery



Insulation and Garage Door Repair/replacement (Local)

31-W Insulation

Stephen Lusby

(512) 596-7143


Interior/Exterior Painting

Anita Sharp




RH Marine Construction

Hydraulic & cable boat lift installation and repair

Haley and Robert Coffey



J&B Home Services – Garage Door repair, blinds




Joel Esparza, Plumber



Honey Do Crew Catastrophe Management



Shoreline RV and Boat Repair



Wheeler Auto and Marine – Boat Recovery/Repair



Jim Mundy, Masterpiece Paint and Remodeling

(512) 525-1918


Fresh Coat Marble Falls



Air Conditioning

Equipment Mechanical Services (EMS)

(325) 455-3060


Wayne’s Air

(325) 388-6463


Williams Air



Miscellaneous Volunteers (Feel free to call them for specific needs)

Paul and Andrea Richter

(210) 789-7733


Carey and Dave Hildebrand

(210) 878-5692


Church Aid

First Baptist Church Marble Falls

901 La Ventana Marble Falls



Catholic Relief Services will be in Llano & Kingsland to offer disaster relief:
Mon & Tue (Oct 22-23)
8 am to 8 pm
Llano Event Center

8 am to 8 pm
Kingsland Community Center


Lake Shores Church in Marble Falls



First United Methodist Church – Central Donation Collection Point

1101 Bluebonnet Dr. Marble Falls



Kingsland and Marble Falls Churches of Christ have supplies, food, and clothing incoming this week. This page will be updated as more information comes available.


Multi-Agency Resource Center

Bring an ID and proof of residence to one the following locations:


Kingsland: Wednesday and Thursday from 8am-8pm at the Kingsland Community Center.
Llano: Monday and Tuesday at Llano County Rodeo Center 8am-8pm

Immediate financial assistance, gift cards, supplies, and other resources available as well as help to navigate insurance issues, how FEMA works, and how to be prepared moving forward. If any further questions please contact me. Stay tuned; Much more to come in our efforts to bring relief to victims through the unified front of churches in our area.

Mar. 3