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Buying Real Estate out of MLS

Posted by in Buyer Representation, Lake LBJ Real Estate on Jan 27, 2023

When searching for Lake LBJ real estate most of the listings you will see online or that will be sent from your real estate agent (unless it is me) will be properties that are actively listed in MLS.  These properties are syndicated out to various websites across the world wide web like Zillow, and Trulia to name a few for maximum exposure but privacy is compromised.  In 2021 and 2022 the Lake LBJ market was such that most properties, under a certain ultra-luxury price point, needed to be in MLS to get the proper exposure across multiple markets.  Now the market has changed and so must our strategies to selling these properties.

As the local Lake LBJ Real Estate Experts we like to dig up off-market deals and opportunities for our clients, many of which the public will never even know about.  In fact, approximately 50% of the deals we put together on Lake LBJ are private.  This gives buyers exclusive access to unlisted properties, maintains their privacy in a small Texas town, and keeps the sales price hidden from the Tax Appraisal District.  Texas is considered a “Non-Disclosure State” and so the price you pay for a property is private information unless the property is listed in MLS.  MLS rules require agents and brokers that participate in MLS to list the sales price in the database. Unfortunately, this data from listings in MLS is not private and many different entities access the data illegally and share the information (Like the selling price) on the internet.

If you were to look at the current tax appraised values on the Lake they are often times very different than the market value because of the recent uptick in prices since late 2020. As a buyer, withholding the price will allow you to protect the sales price from the appraisal district, helping to keep your property taxes lower.  When there is a large difference in market value and tax appraisal value, buying off-market listings is the preferred option to keep property taxes lower.

Buying Lake LBJ Real Estate is likely the biggest investment many of our clients will ever make. Rather than working with a friend or agent that specializes in another market, choose a Broker that knows Lake LBJ.  As the local real estate Experts we spend all of our time, energy, and resources on everything Lake LBJ. Through this investment we are able to get our hands on off-market deals and opportunities for our clients.  In fact, we are continuously on the hunt for good buys on Lake LBJ. If you or someone you know is in the market for Lake LBJ Real Estate please reach out at (512) 786-1515.  I’d love to help you find yours!

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