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Big Margins For Those Who Build

Posted by in Lake LBJ Real Estate, waterfront lots on Lake LBJ on Mar 30, 2014


The majority of the buyers I work with, looking for Lake LBJ real estate, are looking for the a house that is ready to go. Lake LBJ Buyers want move in ready, often times because they get excited about the idea of having a home on Lake LBJ and want instant gratification. Because of this simple fact, waterfront lots on Lake LBJ typically take longer to sell and thus can often be purchased at very attractive prices.

On Lake LBJ you have homes of all values, even a most recent home rumored to cost upwards of $12 million just to build. With so many high dollar properties and premium paid for ready-to-go homes, the opportunity to buy a waterfront lot and build has never been so perfect. Even with the rising costs of construction, there is money to be made for those willing to build but more importantly the opportunity to own a one of a kind property on great water, with the home of your dreams.

For those willing to wait, there are huge margins for those willing to build. If you would like more information on waterfront lots on Lake LBJ contact me today at (512) 786-1515




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